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Working successfully, according to the Proverbs of Solomon

In the Proverbs of Solomon, the King had some particular ideas about how to separate “good” working habits from “bad” ones. As you might remember, he wrote them all down. While it’s never a bad idea to read the whole book, and the entirety of the Bible for that matter, we’ve boiled down a few crucial ideas related to work that we all should take to heart.

The following constitutes what you shouldn’t do…

1. Be lazy in your work. It will greatly irritate your boss and risk your own livelihood as well!

2. Be slothful in your work. Poor quality work will ruin your company as quickly as a competitor. Ultimately, this is simply another way to lose your job. How long do you think a paycheck will be forthcoming if the company you work for can’t compete in the marketplace?

The following constitutes what the Proverbs of Solomon think you should do…

1. Develop skill in your work. It will not go unnoticed. Believe us when we say this – and it has been tried and proven over a few thousand years – a skilled worker will never have to spend much time job hunting.

2. Be diligent in work and you will be promoted. There’s that word “diligent” again. It’s been popping up a lot lately. There’s a reason the Proverbs of Solomon seem to get hung up on a few basic ideas – it’s because they work! Diligence is a trait every human on this planet could stand to cultivate a bit more of.

That’s enough for now. Think about your own life, your work, and give an honest assessment of how you measure up to the Biblical standard. You don’t have to say it out loud. This is not a test. Just think about it and how to improve going forward.

The Solomon Success Team

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