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With The Bible And Money, It’s All About The Budget

One of the most important money skills to develop in this life is how to budget. When it comes to the Bible and money, we shouldn’t have to remind you that God isn’t fond of those who lose control of their spending. Do you reach for these reliable excuses when the prospect of personal budgeting rears it’s ugly head?

“I don’t know enough.”

“I don’t have enough money.”

That, my friends, is a heavy duty load of malarkey. If you have a functioning brain, you know enough to budget. It’s a process that takes a little time and energy, especially when compared to your current spending plan, which occupies zero time at all because there isn’t one. You start with small steps and add to it.

Next excuse. If you have a single dollar or expect to earn that much this year, you have enough to budget. Think of a budget as nothing more than a prioritized list of spending. With God’s Bible and your money, that’s a great place to start. Need more help? How about this – get a small notebook and carry it around with you for a solid month. Write down every single cent that leaves your hand. At the end of the month, sit down and analyze your spending patterns. If 70% of your income is spent at Taco Bell, there’s a problem. You need to, all together now, re-prioritize!

List your bills and expenses and match that list against your spending pattern. After everything you have to pay is spent, and don’t forget to set aside some for savings, you can go to Taco Bell.

The Solomon Success Team

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