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Why Biblical Investors Should Fear Today’s Stock Market

The Solomon Success ShowThe stock market isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days when companies advanced and retreated in value based on financial strength and not on the seemingly unrelated and often indecipherable whims of natural disasters and man-made catastrophes. When your grandfather was a stock market investor, a regular dividend could be relied upon from many companies but that practice is going the way of the dodo bird, which begs the question: Why should I be investing in today’s stock market?

The straight up truth is maybe you shouldn’t. Our honest opinion is that there isn’t much wisdom and value to be found there. In fact, some of it is downright sleazy. Does the name Bernie Madoff ring a bell? How about Enron?

If you take the time to read beyond the newspaper and cable television headlines, you’ll likely come to the same conclusion we have that the stock market is nothing more than a man-made invention designed by very rich men who want to take your money away. Try reading the book, The Wall Street Gang, by Richard Ney, for a realistic view of how this severely tilted playing field operates. Here is the opening to chapter 2:

“It is no accident that most investors lose money in the stock market. Their losses are an inevitable by-product of their ignorance of how little they know about the invisible world of the Stock Exchange. Like machines dominated by external influences, they are capable only of mechanical action.

Regrettably, the arrangements that exist to preserve the traditions and legalize the frauds of the security industry are inseparable from the general organization of a society controlled by the financial establishment, a society whose laws and principal customs have been contrived to serve the special interests of the financial community. Thus, although the Stock Exchange’s most profitable practices clearly compromise the freedoms granted others by the constitution, Exchange Insiders are granted immunity from the legal obligations and penalties that should be imposed on them.”

Solomon Success founder and CEO, Jason Hartman, has three good reasons to not trust the stock market with your money.

1. You might be investing with a crook
2. Your broker might be incompetent
3. Your profits can be consumed by administrative fees

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The Solomon Success Team

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