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When You Buy Rental Property, Think Atlanta

We’ve talked before about how there is no national housing market. While the financial media likes to claim one direction or another for the overall trend, local markets always have defined the present LOCAL conditions. For example, there are plenty of cries of woe to be found in certain geographical pockets around the United States, but some markets are absolutely spectacular when it comes to investment opportunity. One such market is Atlanta. This southern city has an almost unbelievable selection of turnkey properties which should provide $200 – $400 immediate monthly cash flow.

What is a turnkey property? This term refers to the fact that the property in question has already been remodeled AND it’s already leased. After purchase, it’s like getting the keys to an entire moneymaking business handed over to you. It literally doesn’t get any easier than that.

For those interested in income property opportunities right now, or who simply want to learn more about the process from an acknowledged expert, Solomon Success founder, Jason Hartman, will be leading a bus tour of specific Atlanta properties this September 28-30, 2012. In addition, Jason’s local market specialist will assist in presenting a variety of educational sessions related to learning how to make serious money.

While $200 – $400 might not blow the doors off your wildest expectations, the thing to keep in mind is that this is passive income. You can cash that check each month and spend your time looking for other properties to buy. A single investment house will probably help your finances, but think of the possibilities when you own two, three, four, five or more. It’s not long before you’re looking at the kind of cash flow that makes people start to calculate exactly how much longer they will have to work at a job.

If you’re interested in accompanying Jason and his team of experts on the Atlanta Wealth Building Bus Tour, visit our affiliate website to learn more. The cost is only $197 per person and includes three meals and appetizers. The biggest value you gain, though, is the chance to pick a seasoned real estate investor’s brain about the topic that has earned him millions over his career (Top image: Flickr | k1ng).

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