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When Investing, Solomon Reminds Us Simple Is Better

investingProverbs 2:7 tells us: “He wilt keep the salvation of the righteous, and protect them that walk in simplicity.” While different Bible versions assign different meaning to the word simplicity, let’s take it literally for what it means in today’s modern society, namely, the value of keeping things simple. There is normally no good reason for making your investing or business life convoluted; usually that means that you’re messing around with it too much and not allowing God the chance to work his magic.

Think, for a moment, about all the celebrities who gladly gave investing money to Bernie Madoff to plow into his hedge fund/Ponzi scheme. Did they really understand what was going on behind the scenes? Obviously not because he wouldn’t tell them the truth and left it to his sterling reputation as a Wall Street “wizard” to dazzle the hesitation right out of prospective investors. Most were charmed by illicit thoughts of incredible returns that went far beyond what any normal investment returned. Thousands of Madoff victims watched as huge chunks of their net worth vaporized in the face of his criminal activity.

Bet they would give almost anything to have limited their investing choice to a simple index mutual fund and let it grow. We’re not here to suggest that you should blindly choose the simplest, most basic option every time, because nothing is ever that cut and dried, but there is some value to be gained by stopping to ponder if the complication is an improvement or merely a complication?

Adding pointless complications to the mix is a hallmark of human behavior, so take care that you’re not allowing the practice to creep into your life. Complication often leads to worry and, according to some Biblical scholars, worry is a sin. Jesus spoke against worry three times in the Sermon on the Mount, an indication that he thought it was an important concept. Worry is not inconsequential or insignificant. In fact, worry can be construed as a lack of faith that God will take care of matters.

So quit worrying and keep it simple!

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