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What would King Solomon say about internet marketing?

We have a pretty good idea that good King Solomon, were he alive today, would be excited about internet marketing. Remember, after his devotion to God, Solomon was first and foremost a businessman, alleged to be one of the richest men in history. At Solomon Success, we’re pretty sure he would not only have been jumping on the bandwagon, but leading the charge to the World Wide Web.

The question is whether or not internet marketing is for you? Absolutely! Though the internet is rife with scams, the medium itself doesn’t possess any intrinsically evil characteristics. Your online business can be as ethical and moral as your offline business, and we believe there are some serious advantages to taking your marketing online.

The first, of course, is that you open your business up to a world wide market. Say you’re located in Peoria, Illinois, and your walk-in traffic is defined by a 50 mile wide circle around your store’s physical location. Talk about a geographical inhibition. Develop a professionally-designed website, the capability to ship worldwide, and a dose of online advertising, and suddenly you’ve got yourself a global business. There is no limit to how far you can grow, assuming you sell something ubiquitous.

Which brings up the second point. Is there any way you can take your brick and mortar business knowledge and translate it into a digital product that can be downloaded any time of the day or not? Figure out how to implement this and you completely eliminate shipping and handling expenses. Why not spend some time coming up with informational products you could create based on your business knowledge? The very fact you’re running a successful business is worth something to many people who would like to know how to do that without going broke.

We think the King would have seen the possibilities in internet marketing.

The Solomon Success Team

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