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To Put it Bluntly, God Hates a Cheat

Bible businessIf you can point to a scripture where the wisdom of God encourages cheating and dishonesty, we’ll be glad to reevaluate our opinion, but to us it appears that, in the Bible, business morals and ethics are held to a high standard. In fact, Proverbs 11:1 plainly states, “A false balance is an abomination to the Lord but a just weight is his delight.” While today’s ultra-modern business climate does not place a heavy demand on those who use actual scales of weight and measure, the point remains valid.

Is it okay for the freelance lawn care specialist to round up a full hour the amount of time he spent working on a customer’s yard? Not unless the policy was discussed beforehand and cleared in advance. Hmm, a funny thought – is it possible to work in the telephone industry if you’re trying to use the Bible as a basis for your business?

We’ve yet to find a cell or traditional service that doesn’t round up minute usage to the next full minute. Use one minute and one second and your plan gets dinged for two. Of course, they do tell you all this somewhere down in the fine print written in single point font in invisible ink. But we go along with it because we’re used to getting screwed by the communications industry, and accept it, so we really can’t whine.

Complaint withdrawn.

But you want your Bible business to have the same reputation as phone companies, lawyers, and time share and used car salesmen? Good gosh, we hope not. Run your business like God tells you to – straight up, aboveboard, nothing up your sleeve.

The Solomon Success Team

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