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The Bible Investor Inside and Out

Bible investorGod’s plan is for us to go about our daily work with a sense of creativity and joyfulness. The funny thing about these personal characteristics is that, difficult though it might be to maintain on a daily basis – like throwing a football – you get better with practice. Modern day financial markets are sometimes enough to send the most ardent Bible investor into a funk, a state of mind which turns into a habit all too easily. By the way, if your style of “investing” causes you to reach for the Tums bottle more than once in while, there’s a good chance you might not be following God’s business “suggestions” closely enough.

Risking too much on wild chances does not count as being a good steward of your money, any more than blowing a wad in Vegas does. We think the following two personal traits would be wonderful for the Bible investor to cultivate and inculcate. Who among us doesn’t want to hang around a person imbued with this stuff?

In case you were wondering, your natural creativity didn’t spring fully formed from a spot behind your left eyebrow. The ability to stretch our minds beyond the sometimes repetitive, mundane, day-to-day existence came from which ultimate spiritual entity? God! Where did the idea get started that living a religious life dooms one to an existence constructed of closely related shades of brown? Your religious and investing life should be marked by breathtaking swoops of magnificent thought that strains the bounds of credulity and offers stunning insight into a vast array of topics. God loves to see you use creativity because he gave it to you. Why not try that idea out in your business life one day?

The divinity of of the Lord is inherent in the beauty of the natural world and all living things. Don’t be afraid to allow laughter and fun into your life as often as you can without being accused of abusing controlled substances. Seriously, where did the fun go in your life? You may not be able to implement this way of thinking all at once, especially if most of your life has been spent under the mistaken belief that drudgery is a natural state of existence, but try to get a little bit happy, okay? Inner peace and happiness is all part of the grand design so don’t forget to make it so today.

What did today’s lesson have to do with the stated topic of Biblical business and investing. To be quite honest, nothing – and everything. You figure it out.

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