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The Solomon Success ShowKing Solomon didn’t play the stock market, part of the reason for this being that there wasn’t one in his day, but there were plenty of ways to invest and he did lots of that. Land, horses, precious metals: the good king had quite a property investing career going while he sat on the throne. The problem today, for biblical students and others alike, is that too many of our minds go straight to the stock market when talk turns to investing. The reason is obvious – Wall Street has created an entire industry around the dissemination of skewed information that would lead the average citizen to conclude that’s the place to stick your extra cash. Long time followers of this blog know this is not even close to being the best investment you can find.

Unless, of course, you want to grease the wheels for Big Shots and Fat Cats to get richer, all the while your own portfolio is eaten alive by the ravages of inflation. So what do you do? Where do you turn to make good use of the wealth God provides? Remember what Solomon did? He invested in expanding his kingdom. Land, in other words.

You need to start your property investing career and do it pretty quick because runaway inflation is no longer a distant vision on the horizon. It’s here. Now. Sitting in your lap, and the best way we know to keep it at bay and build financial independence for yourself is the process of income property investing. We know, we know, this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this advice from Solomon Success but we’re going to keep repeating it because it works. We see it in our own portfolios every day!

The hard part is getting started but the good news is there is a simple way to do so and we’d be glad to hold your hand until you get the hang of it. First, go to our affiliate and sign up for the free property recommendation service known as Platinum Properties Investor Network. The greatest benefit to you is that we pre-screen properties to our exacting standards, which should take a load off your mind. Of course, we want you to do your own research also but you can rely on us to narrow the field of choices.

After you have located a suitable income property, it’s time to find proper financing in order to make the purchase as inflation friendly as possible. There’s plenty of free guidance at on that topic as well. Good luck! Call us at 714-820-4200 ANY time you have questions. We have expert investment counselors on staff hired specifically to ease your way into a property investing career. Give their brains a good workout today.

The Solomon Success Team

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