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SS 80 – Accept Your Weaknesses and Prosper with God with Dr. Pete Sulack

Episode: 80

Guest: Dr. Pete Sulack

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Dr. Pete Sulack is the founder and majority owner of one of the largest clinics in North America, Exodus Chiropractic International. His office has seen more than 1,000,000 patient visits over the last 13 years. Pete is also an UN ambassador and the author of The Joseph Blessing: Change the World with Your God-Given Dream. Pete talks to Jason on embracing your weaknesses, having faith in God, and overcoming anxiety.

Key Takeaways:

[1:55] Pete is an ambassador for the UN and explains what he does for them.

[4:10] You can say that part of the Bible is an excellent finance guide.

[5:50] Pete explains what he means by fighting spiritual battles with earthly armor.

[7:50] You will have more freedom when you embrace what you’re weak at.

[8:55] Shouldn’t we have a certain level of confidence and ego? Why is that bad?

[12:30] Embrace your weaknesses and you’ll find people who are strong where you are weak.

[14:30] Pete sees a lot of worry and anxiety in his patients. Have faith in God and he’ll give you a sound mind.

Mentioned In This Episode:


Quit fighting spiritual battles with earthy armor.

Many are the plans of men, but He orders our steps.

We think it’s the end when we give up, but it’s actually the beginning.


Jason Hartman:

Welcome to the Solomon Success Show. This is your Jason Hartman where we talk about Biblical principles applied to business and investing learning from King Solomon of course and we will back with a fantastic guest for you in just a moment here, but be sure to visit our website or Take advantage of our extensive blog library and our free content. I think you will find some fantastic things there so be sure to visit us on the web at

It’s my pleasure to welcome Dr. Pete Sulack to the show. He is the host of the syndicated radio show, Kingdom Business, founder of Matthew 10 ministries, owner of Exodus Chiropractic International. He’s an ambassador to the United Nations and author of The Joseph Blessing: Change the World with Your God-Given Dream. Pete, welcome, how are you?

Dr. Pete Sulack:

I’m doing really good. It’s an honor to be with you today and excited to talk about just Kingdom principles and Kingdom business.


Good stuff. Well, I’m excited too, but first I have to ask you, you’re an ambassador to the UN? Tell us about that.


You know, I’ve been given an opportunity to meet with a lot of the ambassadors. I work with an entity called Project One, who has been there for a number of years and really it’s open up the doors for us to help with the millennial gold at the UN, allows us to meet some of the most basic needs in various countries. I’ve had the opportunity to be with the ambassador of Iraq, South Africa. We’ve been with the ambassador of Bangladesh and many other ambassadors there. There’s so many needs around the world and my heart is simply to meet a need to earn my right to share a message which I believe is life changing and transformational, but wherever we go in life, I’d like to tell people, hey, I might have the best message in the world, but if you’re hungry and I don’t feed you, then what I share with you will fall into fears. It’s really a way we can infiltrate the nations of the earth to meet a need and share with them truth and empower them to live a better life.


Is the UN as corrupt an organization as I and so many believe it is? It seems, I mean, I just always thought it was crazy that these dictators seem to run the UN and they talk about human rights. They got like, didn’t they have Muammar Gaddafi on the security counsel? I mean, you couldn’t make fiction like this.


Trust me, I’ve been in and you see everything there. I got a word from just in my sphere years ago that said that God was raising up Josephs of this hour to infiltrate the Eygpts of this world and I think the UN would be the epitome of the Eygpts for this world, but to really meet a need and to no matter where we go, it’s amazing the doors that will open up for you and it allows me to share my heart, allows me to share my love for God around the world and it gives me a platform where many other people do not have a platform.


Well, let’s talk a little bit about some Biblical principles for business and investing, if we can. You know, of course the Bible teaches us about the five talents, it teaches about sowing and reaping, you know, you could definitely say that part of it is a financial guide, couldn’t you?


You know, it is. The word of God talks about the hand of the diligent will rule. The hand of the diligent will be made to prosper. It takes about sowing and reaping, you know, the word of God says, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, he shall reap.” You know, when it comes to business, when it comes to Biblical principles, even in (#4:26?) it says, “Be careful, the less you think that it’s your power that’s gained you this wealth.”

We put so much confidence in ourselves in America, in this world, and it’s this self-centeredness, the self-confidence, but word of God says, “Blesses you puts this confidence to the Lord, but curses you put this confidence in himself.” There’s Biblical principles that God has given us that all of us can use. He reigns on the just and unjust.

If we apply this biblical principles to our lives, we reap the benefits from it, but there’s such a freedom too when I can put my confident to the living God. My confidence in him and then I moved and breathed and had my being in him and then when I worked in him, when I operate in him, there’s a super natural increase. There’s a super natural acceleration that takes place.

You know, it’s one of those things I tell people all the time, you know, the lord said to me, “Quit dipping below the clouds.” I said, “What do you mean?” He says, “Well, quit fighting spiritual battles with earthy armor,” He said, “Come up with me high above principalities and powers for the battle is not yours as mine, the victory has already won with its acceleration and increase and there’s wrath.”

So often we burn the midnight oil, you know, earning and deserving and striving to get ahead, but just one word from the Father changed everything and there’s principles from the word of God that we can apply to our life and then we couple that with the relationship and being lead by Him, it’s amazing what God will do. So, I’m around so many business leaders…


Tell us more about fighting battles with earthy armor. That’s an interesting statement. Expand on that a little bit.


I just come around, I come in contact with so many individuals that are just, they’re burnt out with life. They are, you know, it’s like they’re beating a dead horse and I talk to them and, you know, the world maybe say they’re successful in their eyes, but they’re just exhausted, they’re wore out. It’s all about earning, deserving, and striving, keeping up with the Joneses.

There’s a freedom that you can have in Christ when we come up with Him, when we’re above principles and powers, you know, God says, “Reseeded in heavily places with Christ, Jesus, seeded with authority that we’ve been given where his yolk is ease, his burden is light; where he literally fights for us.” It reminds me of a dream I had. I got on a bus and the lord says, give up the keys to your bus, get on my bus, and I’ll bring you the exact destiny that I’ve called you to, but so often we’d like to put up the keys to our life and we do things by might and power, but unless the Lord builds a house, it’s built in vain.

So, when the Lord says quit dipping below the clouds, quit fighting spiritual battles with earthly armor, God is giving us all power and authority of all of our enemies, we just literally submit to that and come up with him and experience the rest and the freedom and the liberty of literally being a child of God and being lend by him coming into a relationship where He leads us and guides us. Many are the plans of men, but He orders our steps.

There’s so much freedom I can operate in business with Biblical principles of success in business, there is an acceleration and I have a favor with Him and with man. There are so many that come across too and they have such much confidence in themselves and in fact, we put, we’re trained in America to put confidence in our gift sets.

So, it’s all about what I’m good at, okay, but there’s a freedom when we begin to embrace what we’re weak at and when we come to our end of ourselves. So often I think that, you know, we come to the end of our selves and feel like we have no faith, like we have no more faith for something, we’ve done everything we’ve can, we’ve come to the end of ourselves, it’s like, you know, I want to give up and actually we think it’s the end when we give up, but it’s actually the beginning, because it’s when we come to the end of ourselves that our confidence moves from being in ourselves and what we can do to the living God and what God can do and blessed is He.

Jeremiah 17:7 says, “Blesses you puts us confidence in the Lord, whose hope is the Lord, for even the midst of famine and drought you continue to bare fruit.” But in Jeremiah 17:5 it says something very interesting, it says, “Curses he puts confidence on himself, the flesh, and the world system.” But that’s literally what we’ve done in America. Ourselves have become the greatest idol in America is ourselves and the confidence of self and what we can do, but there’s no freedom. Curses you puts confidence on himself.


Let’s just dissect that a little bit, if we could. I mean, why is that bad? I mean, don’t we need to have some certain level of confidence in ourselves to go out and achieve things and do things in the world and to influence people? Isn’t that good? For example, like, Ayn Rand who is an atheist or was an atheist, I should say, I’m not espousing that idea, but she is the one who kind of gave credit to the ego where almost everybody says, oh, ego is bad. It seems like you need – it’s just more about healthy balance here, isn’t it?


Well, you know, I believe the diligent does rule. It’s made to prosper. I believe what’s diligent is creative persistent, rightly planed with the divine working effort and wise counsel, but I know my own life, you know,when I seemed to have all the answers, I get myself in trouble. The word of God says having gifts different, according to the grace given to you. You don’t utilize those gifts, so we can operate as the fullness of God. They can operate as a body of Christ.

The greatest, the time I was liberated the most in my life was when the Lord said, begin to embrace your weaknesses, I said, “Lord, embrace my weaknesses? It’s all about our strength.” He said, “If you begin to embrace your weakness, I will throw on you with you people that are strong in areas that you are weak and not only that, I will become in strong in areas that you are weak from my power is made perfect in weakness.” I just know when I begin to study some of the key successful business leaders in the world that have had the opportunity to spend time with billionaires and multimillionaires, the thing I find about them is one, they walk humbly.

They don’t think more highly of themselves than they ought to. It’s actually the ones that are most successful that actually realize that the success in their life is typically not because of them, but despite of them, but they have good people that have surrounded them. I have begin to embrace my weaknesses as sometimes humiliating as that is, it’s so freeing, because then I can begin to surround myself and God does it with people that are strong in areas that I am weak.

It’s like, you know, the difference is like the pastor that’s the pastor, the elder, the beacon, you know, he is the janitor and he’s there to open up the door in the morning and close the door in the evening and he does everything. He’s the jack of all trades, but then you have those that have a team around them and they’ve filled their lane. There’s so much freedom there. People say all the time, they say, well, how do you do all the stuff that you’re doing it’s because I have great people in my life. I have people that are strong in areas that I’m weak and I’m comfortable in my own skin. I don’t boast my strengths, but I boost my weaknesses. Why? Because when I am weak, He is strong on my behalf and for me, that’s one of the most liberating things I’ve ever, revelations I ever had. It’s okay to know that I don’t have to be good at everything.

One puts a thousand by two ten thousand of light and when we bring to surround ourselves with a team of individuals that are strong in areas that we are weak, we can make such a greater impact, not only in business, not only in life, but a relationships and everything and my staff, whether it’s the different companies I run or the radio or TV or whatever that we do at the UN, it’s just very liberating to know that I don’t have to become all things, I don’t have to wear all those hats and I can show myself of people that are strong in areas that I am weak.


Yeah, good, I think one of the things, you didn’t say it though, almost the message is clear in there in that by embracing weaknesses, we can have enough humility to know we’ve got to find the right person to take care of that part of our life and our business, right?


Yeah and I believe it, I believe we are known by our fruit and so I believe it’s very easy to see, you know, let’s be honest, if the wheat and the (#12:42?) come up and they look the same when they’re in the ground, but when they come up – so, I have a lot of business owners that said, well, Dr. Pete, I’ve hired this individual, they looked so good, they, you know, they measured and everything and then all of a sudden, they were with me for a while and then it was like a completely different person, because the wheat and the (#13:01?) does come up together, but don’t lose faith in that.

So, I have hired a lot of people that later on they didn’t have the same desires, they didn’t have the same heart or the same passion that I did and that’s okay, we learn from that, even in the midst of adversity and affliction versus our reveal myself as your teacher and so I’ll be the first to tell you I’ve made some bad hiring decisions, but overall, you know, when people can fill their lanes and not have to try to impress and operate in their gift set and the anointment of their life and the gift set and then we can all fill those lanes. We can just make such a profound impact on society and business on even profitability, we can become so much more profitable when we fill our lanes up effectively.


Yeah, great point, great point. Give out your website if you would and then I’ve got a final question for you, Pete.


One of our websites is It’s really my ministry website and that’s really my offering to the Lord. We do mass crusades around the year. We have children homes and new company we have is that’s and really just empowering people to be healthy and their health is the foundation of everything that they do. I just know that any of us are going to fulfill a calling in our life, we have to make sure that our health, which is the foundation, is as strong as it can possibly be.


Very good point. Maybe close on anything I didn’t ask you or anything we didn’t talk about or if you can’t think of something off the top of your head, maybe take the topic of worry and address that for just a moment if you would in closing.


You know, I’ve had the opportunity to serve a million patients now over the last 13 years. They’ve come to my office from all over the world every week and one of the things I see is very prevalent is this anxiety, this fear, this worry. The word of God says that his yolk is easy, his burden is light and he’ll replace a spirit of heaviness with a garden of praise and He’s not giving us a spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind.

It’s really, He gives us freedom that says, you know, when we do live in worry, anxiety, and fear, that we can come boldly to the throne of grace to attend grace and mercy in a time of need, that we can come and cast every terror upon the Lord for He truly does care for us, so no matter how bad it gets, begin to thank Him for the good things, the little things we take for granted.

The fact that many of you listening live in America where we do – most of us have a roof over our head s and we have a nice warm meal, most often than not when there’s so many people that are struggling around the world, we begin to just become faithful, live in a spirit of thankfulness and trust.

Trust in the Lord with all of our hearts, soul, mind, and strength, and there’s great freedom when I can lay everything at his feet and I don’t have to all the answers, I don’t have to be strong and even when I’m weak, my God will be strong in the midst of my weakness.


Excellent point. Pete Sulack, thank you so much for joining us.


It was an honor to be with you. Sorry for the difficulties on reception.


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