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SS 73 – Benjamin Ginsberg of John Hopkins University shares his views

Episode: 73

Guest: Benjamin Ginsberg

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Ginsberg discusses the bloated administrations of colleges and universities, how athletic programs are self serving, junk food eating, sport-watching programs and how tenure helps keep things balanced. He also talks on how the U.S. has taken on the attributes of a third world country and believes that Americans should be more cynical. .


Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Lesson – Higher Education
[4:19] Introductions
[4:45] Are Senators and Congress responsible for Global Warming?:
[5:25] A look at student loan debt
[6:11] Classic inflation
[6:46] Be a cynic
[7:04] Incessant lobbying
[8:10] Student loans aren’t dischargeable in bankruptcy
[8:22] This debt is fraud
[9:33] Predatory lending by student loan representatives
[10:21] Quality of the education
[11:18] No substitute for a good education
[12:14] State school tuitions and costs
[14:01] Bennett’s – The leading index of cultural indicators
[14:40] The Fall of the faculty
[15:37] Cutting back on courses
[16:05] The villain in higher ed costs
[16:58] Junk food eating athletic programs
[18:14] Tenure
[19:33] What universities do best
[20:33] The U.S. Government needs an enemy
[21:38] Thoughts on Edward Snowden
[22:53] The current state of affairs
[23:53] Become a citizen and educate yourself
[26:50] Organized groups do get what they want
[28:06] A turn for the worse
[28:56] Contact Mr. Ginsberg


Mentioned In This Episode:

William Bennett- The leading index of cultural indicators
Ohio State University
Arizona State University
John Hopkins Political Science Dept.


“Student loans are enormous quantities of debt that couldn’t possibly be repaid.”
“Athletic programs don’t produce revenue for the school, other than back into the athletic program.”
“Universities would be left with its worst people who are the Deans, Dean-lets, Dingalings and Dingdongs”
“Politicians don’t care about the long term future. They care about being elected tomorrow.”