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SS 56 – Make Better Moral Decision Under God

Episode: 56

Guest: Luke McClure

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It’s time to introduce our new host for the Solomon Success show, Luke McClure. He will be going through both the old and new testaments as well as talking about important lessons you can learn in scripture, how to make better moral decisions using the foundation of the bible, and more. Today on the Solomon Success show he shares some incredibly valuable lessons he’s learned as well as asks a very important question, “Will God approve or disapprove of my decision?”



Key Takeaways:

2:15 – Ask yourself, will God approve or disapprove of this decision?

4:15 – Where your treasure is is also where your heart is.

7:10 – You should work with companies that are inline with your morals.

10:00 – Make responsible decisions using the bible as your foundation.




Using the bible as a guild to investing and business is known as biblical responsible investing.

I need to find a company that is inline with my morals, something I can feel comfortable using them.

First time I ever saw the advertising for GoDaddy where they’re using women as objects, I knew that this was disgusting.


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Alright, welcome to the show. I am your host Luke McClure and today we’re going to be talking about the eternal principles of the bible and how they can be used to make good, responsible decisions when it comes to business investing. First, we must try and understand the author of the bible. His eternal mindset and everlasting love. You know, God created us and set a plan in place so we can follow him and commit our lives to him and accept his gift to be with him for ever eternity. This should be our eternal goal, because this is the mission of the Lord.

We need to keep this in mind with every decision we make and use it as a road map to living a successful life to the glory of God. We can only truly start to understand the eternal principles of the bible by following the author of the bible. We can start by praying about major decisions first and by asking ourselves a very important question before ever major decision we make. One, does this work for or against the mission of the lord? In other words, will this benefit me or someone else on their journey into their eternity with God. To put it even more simpler, would our father, God, approve or disapprove of our decision?

For example, let’s talk about tithing. I know tithing is very important and a long time ago I decided I wanted to start tithing with everything me and my wife make. So, taking 10% of our income or whatever we can afford at the time and tithing to the church every week. Trying to get on some sort of system, schedule, where we’d tithed weekly the same amount. So, I had to talk to my wife about this first, so we talked about it. We went through our finances, looked at our budget, and we went ahead and set a certain amount aside that we felt that we could tithe to the church and do it on a regular basis.

Now, this is something I thought was very important. When me and my wife were talking about it and looking at the amount that was going to be tithe throughout the entire year, it’s a lot of money, so it was kind of hard for me and her to go ahead and make this decision and do it, but when you talk about this decision, it’s something that’s very important and I think it’s something that God wants us to do, for sure.

We can answer a question. You know, is this something that God would approve of or is this something that God would disapprove of? Obviously, this is something that God would definitely approve of of us doing. So, using the bible as a guild to investing and business is known as biblical responsible investing.

Now that we have a road map to use to keep us on the right path, we’re now going to dive into two very important scripture versus. I heard someone say, if you want to see what’s important to someone just take a look at their bank account. I totally agree. Matthew chapter 6 says, for where your treasure is, there your heart will also be. Store up for yourself treasures in heaven why neither moths nor rust destroys, where thieves do no break in to steal.

So, what God is telling us is that what you spend money and time on are the things are the most important to you. So, be very important to examine your bank account and calendar and see where your priorities are and see if these things are benefit to the glory of God. In doing this, you should make changes to be good stewards of the time and talents the Lord has blessed you with.

Now, let’s talk more about this biblical responsible investing. Now, this is a known term throughout

the world that a lot of Christians seek the bible for and they call it biblical responsible investing because they’re using the bible to invest responsibly and to make responsible decision. In reference to this, there are two types of investments. There are earthly investments and there are eternal investments. All of our earthly investments should essentially be order to our eternal investments.

As we talked about early in Matthew chapter 6 where the scripture says store up for yourself treasure in heaven where moths can not destroy and thieves can not steal. Everything we do on earth can build up treasures in heaven and this wealth will never diminish. We do this by investing our time and talents responsibly using good moral judgment and following the principles of the bible.

Let me give you one story, for example, I was wanting to learn how to create a website. So, first I had to figure out who I wanted to host my website. So, I went through and went to Google. Googled all the best website hosts out there and the one that came to the top was GoDaddy. So, I said, you know what? If they’re the best I should use them, but I really didn’t feel comfortable using them for some reason. I’m sure you can guess why.

I went ahead and signed up and registered with them and tried to go ahead and start using their services, building a website using WordPress, and their website builder wasn’t good at all. I can’t remember all the issues I had with it, but it was just a bunch of technical issues and it wasn’t for me. I share with my wife what was going on and she said, “Luke, why do you even use GoDaddy in the first place? If you’re going to be starting a website and your website is going to be a biblical website, why are you using GoDaddy? You shouldn’t even be supporting them in the first place. They are not inline with your morals and what you want to do.” I sat back and I thought about it for a while and you know what, she was right.

I know in the pit of my stomach that something wasn’t right and from the very first time I ever seen the advertising for GoDaddy where they’re using women as objects to sell their products, where they’re using women and stripping them of their dignity just to sell their products, which is a website design service. I knew from the very first time I saw them, this is disheartening, this is disgusting how they use women to do this. I don’t even know why I decided to use them. I guess I looked past that and said, if they’re the best, I need to use them.

Well, I wasn’t using good biblical responsible judgment. I should have went with my gut, went with what I knew was true and said, hey, I need to find a company that is inline with my morals, something I can feel comfortable using them. Well, I went back and researched other sites and I did find one If I were to went back to what I’m telling you and asked that one simple question, you know, thinking about GoDaddy and using them as my website provider, what’s the one simple question I could ask? Would God approve or disapprove of this decision.

Well, it’s easy to say now God would disapprove. It’s something as simple as choosing a website host, we should do this every time. Ask this one question. Would our father, God, look down on us and approve or disapprove of this decision? I know now that he would disapprove and I think, you know, my wife shared that with me and gave me the insight that I should have already known in the first place.

So on the coming shows we’ll be examining the eternal principles of the bible and how we can use them to make good responsible decisions in business and investing. We’ll be learning the eternal love and mindset of God and then we will start to begin to think like him and love like him. By doing this, you’ll be amazed at what God is capable of doing in your life and how awesome it is to use your time and talents he has blessed you with to serve him and others and store for yourself treasures in heaven as well as using your money wisely in earthly investments.

Just imagine how great it would be to use your business, money, and time to serve and provide for your family in a way that glorifies God at the same time. That’s what we’re talking about doing. We’re talking about making good judgments. We’re talking about using scripture. We’re talking about making responsible decisions using the bible as our foundation so that we can make good decisions in business and good decisions in our investments.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to take this journey with you. You know, this is going to be just awesome. You know, just going through the scriptures is what we’re going to be doing, pulling out all the nuggets, everything from the old testament to the new testament, and what the bible has to tell us on how we should be acting, how we should be responding, how we should be investing our money, how we should be investing and using our time, how we should be being good stewards of all the blessings that God has given us. I pray that God blesses you and your family and I will talk to you soon on the next show.