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SS 34 – Patriots for Christ with Craig Bergman

Episode: 34

Guest: Craig Bergman

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Craig Bergman is Newt Gingrich”s former political director in Iowa and President of Patriots for Christ and No More Wimp Outs PAC. He”s out with a new documentary that sheds light on the certain damage Agenda 21 will wreck on our liberties while doing nothing to improve or support environmentally friendly policies. In the film, he suggests some sensible policies that will lead to both environmental and economic prosperity?

Bergman also discusses Patriots for Christ and how it educates and motivates people to live better financially.В Find out more about Patriots for Christ at

Learn about No More Wimps Out PAC at

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JASON HARTMAN: It’s my pleasure to welcome Craig Bergman to the show! He is the former political director in Iowa for Newt Gingrich’s campaign. He’s also president of Patriots for Christ, and president of No More Wimp Outs, PAC. And PAC, of course, Political Action Committee. And Craig, welcome! How are you today?

CRAIG BERGMAN: I’m doing fantastic. Pleasure to be on your show today.

JASON HARTMAN: It’s a pleasure to have you. First I’d like to give our listeners a sense of geography. Where are you located today?

CRAIG BERGMAN: Well, today I am located in the heartland of America: the first in the nation caucus state, my home state, of Iowa.

JASON HARTMAN: Oh, you mean what Hillary Clinton calls those flyover states, right?

CRAIG BERGMAN: Well, she doesn’t call this one a flyover state, because this is the one that lost her presidency, and the one she’s gotta win next time.

JASON HARTMAN: It’s pretty important. Yeah, yeah, exactly. And then, hopefully after Benghazi, she won’t have a chance.

CRAIG BERGMAN: Well, sadly, I don’t believe that will be the case.

JASON HARTMAN: I sadly agree with you.

CRAIG BERGMAN: I think that’s a topic for another day.

JASON HARTMAN: Yeah, absolutely. Well, tell us a little bit about your new documentary? And UN Agenda 21 on my Holistic Survival Show, I’ve done some shows about that. But give us a little background on it, and how you came to do the documentary.

CRAIG BERGMAN: Well, we are doing the definitive documentary on Agenda 21. It is called Unsustainable, and you can find our main thing right now at It’s real easy to find and follow. We are in the pre-production stages right now. That means we’re not filming yet; we are lining up the interviews, we are talking to people, we are putting together the story, and making certain that we have everything lined up so that we can tell people what Agenda 21 is, why it affects them in their life, why it matters, and what they can do about it. And that’s gonna be the thing that we do differently than most any other documentary anyone has ever seen. Most of them are, whether they’re done from the right or the left, or neutral, they’re boogieman documentaries; they say, this is a terrible thing that happened, the end. And we want to go one step further and say, this is precisely and exactly, as a Christian conservative, or as a non-Christian conservative, even, what you can do about it.

JASON HARTMAN: Fantastic. Well, you know, some people listening may not know what UN Agenda 21 is. So just give us a little background on that, if you would.

CRAIG BERGMAN: Certainly. I’ll start with the overall view, so that people have a context when they hear just those words, Agenda 21. What you hear, or what it is, is it is the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century. That is a 900-page document produced by the United Nations Earth Summit in 1992, and it outlines their whole entire agenda. Everything they want to do and accomplish, on every front, in the 21st century.

JASON HARTMAN: And when you talk about Agenda 21, though, doesn’t that particularly apply to development, and population control, really, you know, in a way, crowd control? Because people are a lot easier to control if they’re compacted into small areas, is that correct?

CRAIG BERGMAN: Well, you hit all three elements in there that it covers. It covers a vast swath beyond that, but yes. Let’s take a look at those three you discussed. You discussed just the control of people, you discussed the stack ‘em and pack ‘em mentality of keeping people in a concentrated area, whether that’s a ghetto, in the old vernacular, or whether that’s just the new, sustainable development motif where everyone lives together in a tight community surrounded by wide open prairies of nature. And then of course, the third, and most heinous, and most dangerous element is their population control that comes out of abortion, euthanasia, genetics, I mean, everything they are doing on that Orwellian, Hitleresque scale. And the bottom line that your listeners need to know, is, they have publicly said that what they envision in a perfectly balanced, natural world, is a population less than 100 million people.

JASON HARTMAN: Wow. Because even the Georgia Guidestones say 500 million people. But 100 million worldwide?

CRAIG BERGMAN: Worldwide, 100 million. That means they want to kill 6.9 billion people.

JASON HARTMAN: You know, now, some people listening would say, that’s crazy. How can you back that up a little bit?

CRAIG BERGMAN: Well, you can back it up by going to Wikipedia and Googling Agenda 21, because they published this 900-page document. There’s videos on it. This is not one of those crazy things like chemtrails or conspiracy theories. These folks are having conferences every day. They are having public forums every day, books published, papers written, symposiums done; this is not conspiracy theory tinfoil hat. This is actually occurring, and has been occurring, both presidents Bush and Clinton agreed to several of the components in this, and they’re pushing it locally, because politically they found out in America, you know, those pesky conservative Christian types tend to say no to anything that comes from the UN, and they tell their Congress critters to say no, and so Congress kind of has this knee-jerk reaction. If it says UN dash anything they vote no. Well, the folks implementing Agenda 21 have had to go down to the local governments, and there they have found tremendous success.

JASON HARTMAN: And why have they found success at the local level? City councils in terms of development and land use? Is that how?

CRAIG BERGMAN: That’s exactly how. And why they have and how they have are two different things, so I’ll do the why first. The why is, it’s real easy to have 500 people show up at a town hall meeting where the Congressman is there only for one weekend, and he hears Agenda 21, Agenda 21, vote no, vote no, and then he’s done; he votes no. But you can’t do that. In Iowa alone, we have a thousand towns. So that would mean you would have to tell 5000 city council members, and 1000 mayors, and 1000 city planners, and 1000 zoning board commission directors, and the UN can go to get one or two of those people at a conference where they all gather and learn from each other, and say things like—and here comes the how—let’s say you’re in a small-sized town of 25,000. Just a small town. And you have to upgrade your sewage treatment plant and repair several miles of sewage pipe under your roads, and you’re looking at a $10 billion bond. I mean, you’ll be paying for that for 20 years under the normal politics of how little towns do their business. United Nations then comes to them from a local initiative. Not way up at the top, but a local little subchapter that they formed in that state or that economy or that community, and some of them were formed in the 90s, so they’ve been around for decades, helping other little towns, and telling other little towns to help other little towns. But they go there like a drug pusher, and they say, we’ll help you cover that with a $5 million grant, and all you have to do, is adopt some of these little zoning regulations to make your community better.

JASON HARTMAN: And that’s the trap, isn’t it?

CRAIG BERGMAN: That is the trap. Because there’s one town right here in Iowa, one of the examples, called Dubuque. Very liberal, progressive town; it has a big Catholic university, and they try to do everything for mother nature, everything to the world—see, as Biblical Christians, we are called to be good stewards. So, we’re not anti-environmentalist at all. I’m a person who believes in recycling. I like green energy. I want clean air and clean water. But I don’t want top down UN regulation, I don’t want abortion and euthanasia, I don’t want all the poison that comes with it. And this town in Dubuque, started down this path, and started making these changes, like taking a four-lane highway and turning it to a two-lane highway with bike trails. Well you know, it snows five months out of the year in Iowa.

JASON HARTMAN: Yeah, it doesn’t seem like a big biking place.

CRAIG BERGMAN: And Dubuque is on above rolling hillsides on the Mississippi River. So, nobody wants to bike uphill in 90 degree summers, or bike uphill in icy, snowy weather. So it was a total economic disaster. Businesses went out of business, the town is now in debt for millions and millions of dollars that they can’t repay, having started down this path.

JASON HARTMAN: Unbelievable. So it’s really the same thing; there’s an interesting movie called Life and Debt, about the way the World Bank basically did that same similar thing that you’re talking about, to the country Jamaica. And they pushed money on them, and once they take it, they’re just indentured servants. So, yeah. Not a good deal at all. What is the economic angle to this for individuals, though? Or is there one?

CRAIG BERGMAN: Oh, there is definitely one. Because I’ll just give it to you like I was doing with the businesses there. In the old way of doing things, a city planner would have been the kind of person who said, let’s see here. Let’s look at what’s happening with traffic. We have people who live in one side of town. We have businesses over here. People are driving back and forth to them. There aren’t enough lanes. Let’s widen the highway, put in some very controlled stop intersections, and improve traffic flow. And for 80 years of American automobile creation in suburbia, this has been what we’ve done. But under Agenda 21, it’s entirely different now. Because they’re not looking for answers or solutions; what they are doing, is they are driving an agenda. And the agenda that they are driving, is one where they say, if we have too many cars, the solution is to make things so unmanageable and uncomfortable and economically improbable for our citizens that it changes their behavior.

JASON HARTMAN: It’s similar to the way Obama said he would love to see $6 a gallon gas, and similar to the day I spent at the AQMD in Southern California years ago, where the tour guide bragged that they were self-funded, and the way they got their funding, they didn’t get it from taxpayers, was by fining companies for not following AQMD guidelines. And those guidelines were, just like you said, to change behavior by making things difficult for people. And so what they would do is they would require that any non-carpooling people had to park really far away from the building, and if the companies didn’t comply with these rules, even if their employees were upset about it, they’d have to pay incredible fines. I mean, huge onerous fines. I believe she talked about where they almost fined, or did fine, Western Digital Corporation, and the fines were like $25,000 a day for non-compliance, or just some insane amount of money. I mean, it’s unbelievable! They’re trying to, you know, of course oppress people by guidelines that they don’t live with. These basically dictators that run the UN, because most of them come from Third World dictatorships, or pseudo-dictatorships, or crony rip off states where the money never seems to trickle down to the people, the leaders get it all, and that’s exactly what they’re doing, just like you say. And it’s done in so many leftist organizations. It’s the same business plan.

CRAIG BERGMAN: You are exactly correct. You have described it completely to a T. And the issue is, we used to have, and our Constitution was written, to have division of government. We have three branches of government, they have checks and balances against each other, and that way they’re accountable to the people. But what we have now happening, is this creation of the fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy, that can put these ruinous fines on people, thousands a day, and for regulations that no elected official ever debated, ever voted on, ever enacted. But the Congress, or the state, or even the local municipalities, have said, we’re going to adopt, for example, the modern international fire code. Some 1200 pages of which no city councilman has read through them all, and then suddenly some bureaucrat looking through it says, oh, we need to have every building in the city conform to x. And suddenly this new cost in new housing or new construction or renovations, or anything, is passed on to the consumer, and it’s bankrupting America. It’s bleeding America dry one dollar at a time, one nickel at a time. And it’s totally to unaccounted, unelected bureaucrats.

JASON HARTMAN: Yeah. Well, what do people do about it? What can people listening do?

CRAIG BERGMAN: Well, that is the hundred dollar question. And I cannot, in a length of a radio program, really sum that up in any appreciable way except one. And this is the one I say repeatedly as the most important one. And that is, you’ve got to quit relying on someone else to be your government. America is self-government. That means, every listener to your program, they should decide if the Lord is calling them right now to become a public servant. To step out of their small business for a period of time, and be a city councilman, or be a mayor, or be a school board member, or in some way participate electorally besides just being a voter.

JASON HARTMAN: Good advice! So, what does that mean? Go to city council meetings, drop in on your representatives and complain about things, and lobby them, if you will?

CRAIG BERGMAN: No. Absolutely not. That is the old tired paradigm that has got us in this problem.

JASON HARTMAN: Yeah, I agree, by the way.

CRAIG BERGMAN: It means, the candidacy filing deadline for elections that will take place for city and school board and zoning board and everything that comes out of the local municipal government level, is this year. And so, some of those filing deadlines are coming up within 30-60 days this summer, and this fall, in many places. Some of them may have already passed, and you’ll have to be looking at two years from now. But it means we need to quit being the Merlins behind the scene, and we need to take on the role of Arthur or David, and we need to be the kings.

JASON HARTMAN: Very good advice. People have got to do that. It seems though, when everybody gets into office—well, not everybody. But they just tend to sell out. You get in that game, and it just becomes kind of contagious, the way it works. People want to go along, and get along. Any advice on preventing that kind of thing?

CRAIG BERGMAN: Absolutely. I do. And as I do that, I’m going to also take on one of my pet peeves, because you know, we’re talking about a Christian worldview here—that we should be different from the world. The world says, and it was Lord Acton who gave us the famous quote. He said, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But that is a lie. That is a myth. That is a falsehood, that is not Biblical doctrine. All men are corrupt. All men are wicked and evil, to one degree or another. And it’s the tiniest sin that separates us from God, so I’m not going down that argument. But I’m going down the argument that says, power does not corrupt—power unmasks. And we need to do a much better job with people who say, I want to serve in office, and say really, what is your worldview? Really, what is your Christian stance? Really, where do you stand on a host of issues that seemingly have nothing to do with the office for which they may be running, but have everything to do with the nature and the character of the individual, and that is why I said, your listeners need to be those candidates. Quit looking at some guy who comes to your church and says, I’d like to run for this office. If you don’t know him, if he’s not a member of your church, if he’s not someone you completely trust—or she—then you need to be that person.

JASON HARTMAN: Yeah. Yeah. Good advice, good advice. Well, you’ve got a few different websites. And maybe before you give out those websites, tell the listeners a little bit about the other things you do. Besides the documentary, you’ve got the PAC—give us a little more background on your activities, if you would.

CRAIG BERGMAN: Sure. My activities—I’m a political consultant, and therefore, I’m a troublemaker. I have been involved in politics for 20 some years, and I have been on national staff of five different presidential campaigns. You mentioned Newt Gingrich—I was also political director for Ron Paul, I was also for Alan Keyes, and I got my start working as a college republican for Jack Kemp. So, I run political campaigns. I run candidates, train candidates, recruit candidates, fundraise for candidates, produce all their material, everything you can possibly imagine, and I do that for ballot initiatives. So one of the things we’re doing right now, is we are working on the wimps in the Congress. Specifically republicans and conservatives who say, oh yes, we are Christians, we have these same values, but then they don’t vote like it, they don’t act like it. And so we have a website called, and what we’re doing there is a super-PAC, and we are running advertising in select, target markets across the country to keep people like John Boehner and Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan accountable, because they’re really not who they pretend to be in their TV ads. They’re actually worse than Obama.

JASON HARTMAN: Very good point. And, do you care to share anything about your PAC? You know, how much money it’s raised, and you know, anything like that?

CRAIG BERGMAN: Well, actually, I do care to share those, because that’s kind of the reason you do those, is you want to keep that stuff confidential. But, we have a number of donors who are well known in the Christian conservative community, and they have asked us to put together this PAC to represent them, so that they are not targets. Because we’re also taking on the Boy Scout issue, and what happened there with the homosexuals destroying that institution. And if you know anything about our government, the homosexual militant community, what’s happened with the IRS scandal, you know of it the minute you speak Biblical truth in the world forum; in a very direct, uncompromising manner, you become a target. So, we get hate mail, we get threats, we get letters. And we exist, my company exists, and our organization exists, to shield folks from that who would otherwise lose their businesses, lose their livelihoods, yet are with us, and want to fund those efforts.

JASON HARTMAN: Okay. And give out your websites, if you would.

CRAIG BERGMAN: Sure., is where we’re doing that project with the super-PAC. We have; that’s kind of the Tea Party meets the Christian Coalition; we’re both fiscal and social conservatives, we don’t see a distinction. Our mantra there is, moral policy is tax policy. And of course, we have the Unsustainable Movie, which is at, where we are going to expose Agenda 21 for what it is, and try to bring a Christian responsible conservative worldview back into the environmental dialogue. Like I said earlier in the program, I’m an environmentalist. I want clean air, clean water. I love eating organic vegetables and buying them out of the market. I’m not really too keen on these major big Ag corporations creating Frankenstein fruits.

JASON HARTMAN: Well, Mon—yeah, Obama sure is big on Monsanto, much to the chagrin of his liberal supporters.

CRAIG BERGMAN: That’s the whole thing we’re gonna try to deal with, with Unsustainable, is tell the liberal, who really should have a conservative worldview on the environment, you’ve been hijacked. You’ve been lied to.

JASON HARTMAN: Oh, they’ve been totally hijacked. It’s fascism.

CRAIG BERGMAN: Yeah, it is. We want to tell them, come back to our side. It’s the Republican Party, conservatism, conservation is the very root of it. We invented the National Parks system. There’s nobody better than somebody who wants to keep track of the land than a farmer or a logger on [unintelligible] the land they depend on for their survival. So, the idea that Al Gore is somehow the God of the environment, ought to be repulsive to people.

JASON HARTMAN: Oh, it’s ridiculous. And we should be reminded that a republican is the one who founded the EPA; it was Richard Nixon.

CRAIG BERGMAN: Yeah! That is exactly it. But it’s been hijacked. The EPA has gone off of their mission, and they now, like the IRS, like to abuse people, and have power and control, and say, look what I can do. I have a fancy uniform, and a regulation that says I can fine you $25,000 a day.

JASON HARTMAN: That’s exactly what happens. Well, you gave out your websites, is that correct?


JASON HARTMAN: You got all those out? Okay. Well, Craig Bergman, thanks for joining us today.

CRAIG BERGMAN: It has been my pleasure. I’ll come back any time you like.


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