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SS 30 – “It’s Okay to Be Scared” with Jim Palmer

Episode: 30

Guest: Jim Palmer

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Whether your biggest challenges are in your business or personal life, pushing through the fear and challenges to success begins with realizing you’re not alone and adopting the attitude of never giving up. Jason Hartman interviews co-author of It’s Okay to Be Scared But Never Give Up, Jim Palmer about the success stories in the book. Having faced their own serious challenges, the authors wanted to help others find the road to perseverance by telling their own stories and interviewing several business experts regarding the challenges they faced and how they overcame the odds. Jim emphasizes the importance of never giving up, of finding your inspiration and hope to move past the most difficult times in your life. Jim shares several examples from the book. For more details, please visit: Hearing the success stories can also help others avoid similar pitfalls.

Jim Palmer is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and coach to other entrepreneurs. A marketing and business-building expert and host of Newsletter Guru TV, Jim is known internationally as The Newsletter Guru, the go-to resource for maximizing the profitability of customer relationships. Martin Howey is one of the busiest and most respected business consultants in North America. He has generated more than three and a half billion dollars in sales for his clients, and has contributed to the financial success of more than 10,000 small businesses throughout the world.


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