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SS 26 Telementation: Cosmic Law of Feeling and the Law of Attraction

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What is telementation? How can it solve a lot of the problems in our life? Join Jason Hartman and Jeffrey Grupp, host of Zen Flower Radio and author of “Telementation,” as they discuss empirical evidence that the world is a designed world, whether it’s God creating the matter of the universe or humans creating the matter of their immediate environment, to the minutest degree. Jeffrey Grupp was born in Michigan in 1970. He is currently residing in Ann Arbor, MI. His professions are author, radio talk show host, and college teacher at a school in the Ann Arbor, MI area.

Jeffrey is a former college instructor at Grand Valley State U, Western Michigan, Purdue (branch campuses) and Jackson Community college, teaching philosophy and religion, and more specifically teaching Eastern philosophy, ethics, metaphysics, and Buddhism. He is currently teaching philosophy at a small college close to his home and continues to author books on philosophy and religion.

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