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Solomon Proverbs a Pipeline to a Successful Life

Solomon proverbsWhat are the Solomon proverbs and what do they have to do with anything happening today? Quite a lot, in our opinion. The qualities of wisdom and foolishness are timeless and lessons about them ring as true today as ever, especially when considering the divinely inspired nature of the writings. Proverbs is a book in the Bible that is usually included when the discussion turns to “wisdom literature.” Others are the Book of Job, Ecclesiastes, the Song of Solomon, and Psalms.

The Solomon proverbs method of teaching is to compare and contrast wisdom (or a wise person) with the actions of a fool. In this sense, fool is used to describe a person utterly lacking in moral conviction and uninterested in being corrected. In the eyes of God and Solomon, there is no more damning statement than to be called a fool. Throughout Proverbs wisdom is proffered as something difficult to obtain but well worth the effort.

Many are drawn to the Solomon proverbs because the author, King Solomon doesn’t beat around the bush about what he means and, at the same time, is brief in expressing the lesson. One or two sentences is all you get in each proverb but they are packed to the brim with meaning. It’s basically a blueprint for living a godly life.

Ignore at your peril!

A few of the topics presented are:

1. How can I be wiser?
2. What should I teach my children?
3. How can I be happy and successful?
4. Why do I have money problems?
5. How do I live a successful life?
6. Who should I marry?
7. How can I get ahead at work?

With over 3,000 proverbs to choose from, you can’t help but find some that speak truly, deeply, to issues in your heart. Stick with Solomon Success and we’ll help you unearth them!

The Solomon Success Team

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