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Small Business Advice for the Greedy

small business adviceThe Bible has a little book called Proverbs that, among other topics, offers small business advice for the greedy. In particular, Proverbs 1:19 says: “So are the paths of every one that is greedy of gain: it taketh away the life of its possessors.” You”d think that avoiding greed would be a no-brainer for people who open the Bible for guidance to life”s troubles but even Christians fall woefully short in this area.

Do we need to look further than television ministries to see this greed in action? The roll call is lengthy. Don”t believe us? Google the phrase “fallen evangelists.” Though names like Jim Bakker and Jimmmy Swaggart come to mind, for every one public minister who falls on the sword of greed and self-importance, there are likely hundreds and thousands of regular citizens struggling with the same issues.

Greed leads to corruption, which leads to a loss of integrity. And the realm of online businesses have opened a new Pandora”s Box of opportunity to abandon Biblical morals and ethics. Internet scams, spam, misleading MLM, junk informational products sold at ridiculous prices, fake clicks, false testimonials – modus operandi for too many entrepreneurs, religious or otherwise The best small business advice online casino canada we can offer is don”t take a single step down that road.

Don”t give in to the desperate sin of doing anything to earn more money. The goal should be to work for God with integrity. You know that sin makes you feel like junk and pursuing greed will lead you where you don”t want to be in an all fired hurry. God”s small business advice couched in the lines of the proverb at the beginning reminds us that the pursuit of greed leads assuredly to destruction.

Don”t know about you but personal destruction doesn”t sound like much fun to us.

The Solomon Success Team

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