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Senator John Milkovich on Robert Mueller, Abortion, and Juvenile Crime

Jason Hartman talks with John Milkovich, Louisiana State Senator of the 38th District and author of the new book Robert Mueller: Errand Boy for the New World Order



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Jason Hartman hosts Louisiana State Senator John Milkovich, to discuss his book Robert Mueller: Errand Boy for the New World Order. The two discuss Robert Mueller’s dark past and why he has so much credibility in spite of it. They talk about Mueller’s motivation. Later in the show the two talk about Senator Milkovich’s work in Louisiana specific to abortion and juvenile crimes.

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Jason Hartman 0:40
It’s my pleasure to welcome john milkovich. He is a Louisiana State Senator for district 38. He’s author of the new book Robert Mueller, errand boy for the New World Order. JOHN, welcome. How are you?

John Milkovich 0:52
Hey, Jason. privileged to be on your show today. It’s great

Jason Hartman 0:55
to have you so you can’t watch the news without hearing something. About Mueller. Tell us about his connection with the New World Order, if you will.

John Milkovich 1:06
Well, you know, he’s been part of the corrupt power elite. For at least 30 years. He’s been a top echelon official with both the Department of Justice and the FBI off and on for 30 years before he got appointed to lead the investigation into Donald Trump. And what we talked about in our book and we Chronicle is is largely the work of other investigators, researchers, federal agents, cops, veteran soldiers, families and 911 victims over the last 30 years, documenting there’s no conspiracy theory documenting that Robert Mueller has been directly involved in some of the most in cover up some of the most egregious instances of federal misconduct, the last 30 years.

Jason Hartman 1:51
Does he just have credibility with the left because they’re just being partisan and political, or has his credibility been really diminished yet?

John Milkovich 1:58
I get on I think people are questioning him now, after 21 months give or take of the attack on President Trump. People have been able to watch what he does. But I mean, he has a lot of credibility not necessarily with simply the left or the right republican number. He has a lot of influence with and support in the establishment, the crooked inside deep state, one world government establishment, of course, and I’m using the word wonder, one world government a little bit loosely, but as others have been talking about, for decades, there is a move among socialist leaning academics, politicians and financers across the globe to move the world towards a one world socialist nation or one world socialist government.

Jason Hartman 2:40
Yeah, they certainly have a lot more control if it becomes that way. And if they actually institute a one world currency ever, that will be checkmate. It’s over Game Over at that point, right? Because they can inflate away everybody’s wealth. They can do whatever they want.

John Milkovich 2:57
That’s when we need Jesus to rescue us and you know, Jason going back over his history, which almost no one very few of anyone in the mainstream media talked about is his actual background. But whitey Bolger, as we know was the mafia kingpin in Boston, a bunch of dead bodies and the crazy The amazing thing about it is that Boston FBI agents were implicated involved and or imprisoned for at least three murders. Yes, you didn’t hear me right. That’s Boston FBI agents. So that the Boston FBI in the Boston mafia were working hand in hand to create a violent criminal enterprise. What’s Robert Miller got to do it? Well, he was writing the geographic and temporal chronological center epicenter of that he was the in Boston he was the first and assistant US Attorney’s later and acting US Attorney Boston for over five years. While whitey Bolger was working hand in hand with the feds to kill people and run a criminal racketeering operation. Pan Am 103 we were too young to remember that Jason I am not December 21 1988. That’s Lockerbie bombing right Pan Am 103 takes off from London headed to the United States blows up in midair. 270 lives lost. It was known in the international intelligence community within days, if not hours, who is responsible a med jabril was a Palestinian terrorist paid by the Iranians to blow up the bomb the plight and he had the bomb built. Monster Alcazar was a Syrian drug lord who helped get the bomb on board the plane through a paid off network of baggage handlers and then crooked CIA officials gave the green light for the flight to take off knowing that there was a bomb on board that the passengers would probably end up dead so we knew who the guilty parties Robert Mueller led the United States row part of the investigation in Japan and 103. And what did he do all of the guilty parties got off jabril didn’t spend a millisecond behind bars Alcazar the guy who helped get The bomb on board got to pass, the CIA officials got a basically get out of jail free card. And instead of going after the guilty parties, Mueller help target to Libyan intelligence officers who had about as much to do with it as special ed teachers in Dumas, Texas. That was just a distraction. Right? Oh, my goodness, yeah. And to get the guilty parties off. And of course, that was some international politics behind there. We were looking for allies. And

Jason Hartman 5:26
what would be his motivation for this, though? Do you think Mueller was getting a payoff for some kind of power exchange? Or is it just sort of this deep state, you know, mysterious? No, nobody really knows exactly the motivations sometimes.

John Milkovich 5:41
So he is an individual whose career trajectory has been propelled by his willingness to take orders from corrupt members of the Deep State and you know, I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, but he, he did the bidding of the bushes, the Clintons and the Obamas. I mean, it’s that simple. He was pointed to the at the FBI one week before 911 by President Bush Jr. Barack Obama brought him on for another two years. And really he’s we know that he’s been closely aligned with the Clintons. He covered up their role in the real Russian collusion, which was transferring one fifth of America’s uranium to the Russians. And many analysts including Dr. Jerome Corsi believe the Clintons got paid for that they got one or $200 million or more stuffed into the clinton cash foundation in connection, many believe with their transfer and America’s uranium to the Russians. So, you know, he’s just been very available for people that are in the deep state that favor the demise of America and favor the creation of a one world government. We talked about 911 what he What did he do there he after got appointed one week before 911 people can think that’s a coincidence or not, but the reality is, is that within days of 911, he was helping organize an airlift that flew the salt In the bin Laden’s out of the United States, so they could not be interviewed, interrogated or investigated.

Jason Hartman 7:06
How can drag that’s that’s just mind boggling who really has talked to us and so much of our audience is interested in finance and the economy and these types of issues. Talk to us about his BCCI investigation, the Bank of credit and commerce international

John Milkovich 7:22
banks are crooks and criminals International. Well in the 90s, Bush Senior brings them in and here we go another Mueller cover up. These are big boys that are involved in international terrorism, drug trafficking and illegal arms sales. And this is not millions like they accuse Paul Manafort, this is billions with a B. Mueller comes in and make sure that all the all or almost all the big boys get off with a slap on the wrist or no no criminal penalty at all. So it was it was a cover up where they Wheeler was brought into sweep evidence under the rug. So we’ve got Whitey Bulger it covers up for the the Boston mob in the Boston FBI work and inclusion, he covers up for the The murderers of the passengers on panel 103 covers up for the perpetrators the principles of BCCI 911. I’ve talked about how he flew the bin Laden’s and Saudis out of American. And he did took many other steps to prevent federal agents and private investigative interest from finding out what really happened in 911. anthrax, he targeted an innocent man and let the guilty parties go free weapons of mass destruction under oath he told Congress, look, Hussein and or Iraq had weapons of a fabrication. He said it under oath. And of course, we ended up in a war in large part because of that false mantra. Well,

Jason Hartman 8:40
what else do you want people to know about? Mueller?

John Milkovich 8:44
Well, I think the big picture and I did mention the fact that well, he’s been involved with cover ups for 30 years. And you know, the obvious question is, if he is Mr. Cover up whenever the federal in many of these instances where the federal government does wrong, how And why did we ever trust him to lead an investigation of the President of the United States? I mean, this guy doesn’t care about the truth. He doesn’t care about the integrity of documents. He doesn’t care whether witnesses tell the truth. He’s all too familiar and comfortable with perjury and forgery and fabrication of evidence. And and I’m not saying that he personally forged documents, but he’s basically very adept at falsification of evidence and prosecutions. How did he get the approval, the green light to go after President Trump and, you know, what did he undergo personality changes, he drank truth serum, did he, as we like to say the south, you know, repent and get right, you know, before he moved on with a nice smell. I mean, I see no evidence of that. I think he was brought in specifically because he could be counted on to shred the truth. disrespect the constitution and protect the guilty.

Jason Hartman 9:52
Tell us what else you’re working on, you know, what’s going on in the State Senate.

John Milkovich 9:57
Well, Jason, thank you for we have been very very honored, privileged, humbled to participate in the effort to enact a fetal heartbeat bill in the state of Louisiana that was signed by the governor, we could probably about 10 days ago, give or take. And basically what the bill says is that if the heartbeat of unborn baby can be maybe medically detected, it is illegal to kill that baby once you can detect a heartbeat and the unborn baby, you cannot kill it.

Jason Hartman 10:26
So the only question I ask is, is that the folks on the left that pro abortion people will say, Well, sometimes you can have the heartbeat before the woman realizes she’s pregnant. Is that true? How much water does that hold?

John Milkovich 10:40
It is true that the heartbeat may be detected at a very early stage or very soon after conception. Of course what that proves is that yes, there is a human being in existence in the womb, I’ll be at smaller I’ll be defenseless albeit inadequately protected by our legal system. Well, not only in Arabic, literally. protected, you mean funded by the government in many cases?

Jason Hartman 11:04
Yeah, it’s worse than inadequately protected. It’s proactively killed.

John Milkovich 11:09
Yeah. And we? Well, we believe but of course, the science really shows us we could go back to Jerome, June, I believe his name was the French geneticist who basically confirmed that when the 23 chromosomes of the Father unite with 23 chromosomes in the mother, you have a single cell organism, which is a human life, it is the DNA footprint and blueprint and architecture design of the human being that is joined into a single living cell called the zygote, which professional issued called the most complex, single cell and known existence. That’s that single cell and in what he says and it’s medically true that that single cell that is the full potential reality of the human being that everything that the human being will become, of course, freewill plays a role in who we become and decisions we make. Obviously and the extent to which we allow God to direct our lives, but the full genetic and kinetic and existential, and I guess, existential isn’t the right word, the full genetic potential The human being is contained in that single cell. In other words, there is a human being at the moment of conception. And what do you call it? When you terminate? A human being? Well, I call it murder. Well, what if they’re small? That’s murder? What if they haven’t been born yet? When you kill a human being that’s murder, we’re against murder of the unborn were against the murder of the innocent. And what

Jason Hartman 12:38
about Are there any exceptions in that bill rape, incest, etc. I know that’s a very small number, obviously. But, you know, that’s what people will raise as an issue,

John Milkovich 12:48
as it’s always raised. And the short answer is no, there’s not rape or incest, exceptions and, you know, the conversation in the state capitol and this is not just my views, but if a perpetrator assaults a woman. Should the baby that results from that assault be executed because the perpetrator has done wrong? Is it just in other words to execute the innocence for the acts of the guilty? Another way of looking at it is should we kill one human being because a second human being has done something wrong?

Jason Hartman 13:20
It’s sort of like that two wrongs don’t make a right. I’ve been saying Yeah,

John Milkovich 13:24
right. Yeah. And what about adoption instead of abortion? And should we not our focus be on prosecuting and holding the perpetrator accountable and nurturing, supporting and caring for the mother? And, you know, one last thought on that, that basically, what some people say is that becomes an additional second trauma to the mother, when the baby is aborted, right? Those are all factors that I believe, led the legislature and me personally as a citizen, to say that we should not sacrifice or execute the child that results from a episode. You know,

Jason Hartman 13:58
obviously people can vote with their feet because this is not a federal law, they can simply leave Louisiana. And you know, there’s states that border you and they can go get their abortion there. You know, should abortion be a states rights issue in the first place?

John Milkovich 14:14
You know, what a great question. I mean, yes. But then you talk about, what about the Federal Constitution? Do I believe the Federal Constitution protects life? Honestly, and this is a simplistic view, and some constitutional scholars may cringe, but I believe that human life including life anymore, and I believe it’s protected by the state under state constitutions, I believe it’s protected in the Federal Constitution. Right, right. But

Jason Hartman 14:36
what I’m saying is what we have now is not that is not the case. So, you know, should it be up to each state? I mean, why can’t a state you know, make their own decisions, right, this is, this is how our country was set up basically as as a republic, right, where we can, you know, have states have some latitude in their own decisions and these things. I mean, certainly, if you think about it, you know, murder is is a state crime. Right? So why wouldn’t it be up to an individual state? The federal government? I don’t think unless it’s like an act of terrorism or crosses borders or something. They don’t prosecute murderers states do. Right. So, I mean, how does that come into play? You know,

John Milkovich 15:15
I’m not sure I could have said it as well as you just did. But I agree 1,000% with what you just said, I’m gonna have to tape record that write it down.

Jason Hartman 15:23
There you go. Feel free back on the deep state issue for just a moment. You know, the deep state is so entrenched, and it seems that Trump is trying to change things. Is he going to be successful? Is he risking, you know, his presidency, his life? He’s coming up against a lot of opposition on every front. I mean, it’s really quite amazing how entrenched and powerful these players are.

John Milkovich 15:49
I think we need to switch roles. I think I need to ask questions you need to answer because you’re given all the right answers. Yes. He’s risking his presidency. Yes, he’s risking his life. Yes, he’s making a difference and you Yes, I do believe he’s going to be reelected. But I agree with everything. You just said that no, that’s all true. Yeah,

Jason Hartman 16:05
yeah. What’s going on in your economy? Are you considered a business friendly state? It’s interesting to see this migration of people voting with their feet as we talked about with with abortion, right. And just moving and migrating to the business friendly states. It’s, uh, you know, they’re leaving New York and California in droves. And I think rightfully so, you know, I’m from California, and I left because I kind of stole the phrase from Ronald Reagan. You know, I didn’t leave California, California left me.

John Milkovich 16:36
Yeah. You know, that’s such a right point. Yeah, these are some things that come to my mind, and you can improve on this analysis, I’m sure, Jason, but number one, excessive taxation versus fair taxation. Everyone should do their part, but people should be company should not be getting soaked. And I don’t believe the middle class should carry the tax burden for multibillion dollar corporations. I don’t but I do believe The taxes should be reasonable and fair and generally lower. Number two, in order to get there, you got to reduce the size of government and that needs to happen, I believe. And then issues three and four and five or maybe not in this order. I think crime has got to be dealt with. We’re going backwards in some respects and Louisiana because what we’re saying is that if juveniles commit crimes, they should get a slap on the wrist. They shouldn’t have to save the inside of a jail in many instances, they shouldn’t get discipline in the schools, they shouldn’t have a record they shouldn’t guess every time they commit a crime. You take them to Dairy Queen and get them a milkshake. I mean, it’s, I understand these children. I’ve been blessed to work in children’s ministry, and work with kids that don’t have parents don’t have family structure. But we have to deal with crime and I think that’s number one, you hold kids accountable. Number two, you got to spend time with them and love them. So it’s both part of the biblical admonition and the biblical parenting equation, nurture and admonition and then education education is being traded. In our state, we’ve got a guy who was a protege of Arnie Duncan. President Obama’s education’s are. And Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and I can’t tell that he wants Louisiana education to work. It seems more consistent with what’s going on that he came to trash our education, but our values are going down. The tubes are common. The Common Core is ridiculous. It doesn’t work. It’s trashing our values. The math is incomprehensible parents can’t do math with their kids. So crime education, and then I think faith. I believe, though, one thing that Louisiana has, in the midst of our challenges, we have an extremely strong faith community that cuts across party lines, demographic lines, racial lines, economic lines. So what about those four factors?

Jason Hartman 18:45
less tax, less government crackdown on crime, work with kids? Let’s get back to basics and education, discipline, respect and values. And then let’s honor the value of faith in the Christian church and our communities. Well, certainly part of this migration that we’re Seeing is not just people voting with their pocketbook and going to the more business friendly places, but they’re also going to places where they share the politics and belief systems of other residents there. And yeah, it’s pretty interesting. What’s happening. Well, good stuff. give out your website and tell people where they can find you.

John Milkovich 19:21
Listen, Jason, thank you so much for allowing to come on the show. And next time, I’m going to ask all the questions, you’re gonna give all the answers.

Jason Hartman 19:28
Well, I’m not a politician, but

John Milkovich 19:31
Well, hey, I’m not sure if I am either. But you got the right answers. Jason, our book is available on Robert Mueller. errand. That’s Robert Mueller. errand if anyone wants to reach me, 318-425-1957 john milkovich at 318-425-1957. senator john milkovich.

Jason Hartman 19:53
Thanks for joining us.

John Milkovich 19:55
You’re doing a great job out there. Keep up the good work, Jason.

Jason Hartman 19:59
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