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Proverbs 31:16 Empowers Female Investors to Buy Income Property

Proverbs 31 16 Female InvestorsThe Bible’s High View of Women

It is a common misconception that the Bible has a low view of women. However, close examination of the Scripture reveals that God has a very high opinion of the female sex. It is true that the Bible identifies role distinctions among women and men, but these distinctions when practiced according to God’s plan empower women to be greater agents of influence in the world.

First, we will share a brief history of powerful women in the Bible. Then we will show how Proverbs 31:16 empowers female investors to buy income property. 

Biblical Women Who Influenced History in Their God-Given Roles 

There are too many powerful, godly women in the Bible to mention them all here. However, we will share a small spattering of examples. 

The Seed Bearer

Eve receives much bad publicity in the Bible, and she did make some mistakes (who hasn’t?). However, God promised Eve that it would be the seed of a woman that would bring forth the Promised One who would crush Satan’s head. Since, according to the Bible, sin passed through the line of males, a female was needed to bear a sinless Messiah. 

The Mother of Isaac

Sarah, the wife of Abraham, had significant influence over her husband. First, she persuaded Abraham to bear children through her handmade since she was barren. Her handmade bore Ishmael, and years later, Sarah gave birth to a son of her own, Isaac. Due to the disunity between the two, Sarah asked Abraham to send away Ishmael and his mother. The situation grieved Abraham, but God told Abraham to listen to his wife. God uses women to direct and influence history.

Sisters with no Brothers

In the Old Testament, property rights passed through the lineage of males. In those days, women were protected and provided for by fathers and husbands. However, a case came up where a father had no son to pass on his inheritance, only daughters. Who would inherit their father’s land? The women petitioned Moses so that they could inherit the family property. God heard the case and permitted the inheritance to pass to the daughters upon their father’s death, setting a precedent for future women. Women in the Bible were instruments to change unjust laws.

The Female Judge

Another powerful godly woman in the Bible is the prophetess Deborah, who judged Israel for many years. She led a military attack against the armies of Sisera, and because her chief warrior was afraid to drive the offense without her, God gave Sisera into the hands of a woman. Jael enticed Sisera to take refuge in her tent and offered him a glass of milk. While Sisera slept, Jael slew him with a tent peg through his temple. God uses women to bring oppressive governments to their end. 

These examples show that God uses women to influence people, laws, nations, and history – and in significant ways. A wise woman once said, “The man may be the head, but the woman is the neck. She turns the head wherever she pleases.”

The Bible also teaches that women can be great influencers through investing in income property. 

Female Investors in Proverbs 31:16

Proverbs 31 is a well-known passage on the qualities of a virtuous woman. Verse 16 tells us the Proverbs 31 woman “considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.”

According to this verse, the woman investor applies wisdom to her decision. She doesn’t invest in just any piece of land. Instead, she seeks income producing property. Perhaps she will divide the field and resale a portion; Cash crops may already be planted in the ground; There may even be a small cottage to rent out.

The female investor evaluates the property carefully to make sure it will provide an income before she makes an offer. When the numbers add up, she makes her decision to buy. With her cash flow (earnings), she develops the property further, planting a vineyard.

This woman is praised by her family and by God for her great qualities, including her investment savvy. Moreover, she senses that her gain is good.

God smiles on female investors, empowering them to increase their cash flow and net worth.

How to Put Proverbs 31:16 to Work for You

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Hartman has done much of the leg work, researched the locations, found the properties, and can help you start investing right away. 

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