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Personal Brands: A Tool For Investors?

SS5-19-14Brands aren’t just for big corporations, luxury cars and fast food places anymore. Job seekers, entrepreneurs and, yes, investors are among the many professional people who need a way to stand out from the crowd. Enter the concept of personal branding – a shorthand way to present your identity to the world.

If the idea of building a personal brand makes you think of cattle in the Old West, or the labels on soup cans, think again. Like it or not, we all have a brand – it’s how we present ourselves in the world, and what that says about us. The possibilities are as varied as human beings themselves.

What’s new, though, is the growing realization that it isn’t just big corporations that can leverage the power of a distinctive brand. Individuals, too, can develop a brand that reflects a personal or professional identity and leverage that brand to achieve goals.

Income property investors are really entrepreneurs, so having a brand helps establish your distinctive identity in the community, to renters, lenders, and everyone you deal with. A brand that’s consistent is easily recognized and communicates instantly key features of the brand holder’s approach to relationships, business decisions and more.

The emerging science of brand management recommends taking time to discover what your brand is – and that may involve figuring out who you are first. It can be helpful to write down goals, passions and interests to see if a pattern emerges. Consider your tastes in art, music and even exercise. What do people say about you? When your perception of yourself matches how other people perceive you you’re on the way to finding that brand.

Once you’ve discovered the elements of your brand, take time to create and share it. What colors represent your brand? How about fonts or images? Put it all together on business cards, letterhead, and anywhere you want to be seen. Those pieces represent you and serve as an “elevator pitch” for introducing you into the world.

The key to a successful personal brand is consistency – your brand should be recognizable anywhere you go. And if your brad establishes you as a serious, capable investor who’s in control of your investments as Jason Hartman recommends, you’ve added another tool to your kit of investing strategies.  (Top image:Flickr/KedriCagli)

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