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Overseas Radio Network: the Voice of Prudence for American Expatriates

SS6-13-13One of the most important virtues in the Proverbs of King Solomon is prudence – cautious action based on wisdom and wise advice. “To understand the words of prudence,” he says in Proverbs 1:3. And, as we’ve pointed out in these posts before, prudence is an essential ingredient of successful financial choices.

Now, as more and more Americans are weighing the decision to live abroad, the Overseas Radio Network, new online radio station, stands ready to help, with words of wisdom on the practical aspects of choosing to live as an expatriate. For financial and lifestyle reasons, many retirees and even younger individuals are living –or thinking of living – in numerous small countries where costs are lower and quality properties can be purchased for far less than in the States.

The Overseas Radio Network is a unique station aimed at one specific audience – those Americans who’ve chosen to make their lives outside the country in places ranging from Panama to Peru. And now Jason Hartman is a part of the ORN’s slate of financial legal and lifestyle experts helping retirees and other adventuresome souls make the right decisions about retiring or working outside the country.

Jason’s Creating Wealth show, the holistic Survival Show and the Jet Setter Show join a lineup of shows hosted by financial experts, travel professionals and longtime expats themselves, all aimed at helping Americans living abroad or planning to make the best possible decisions about buying homes, traveling, working and adapting to life in countries such as Costa Rica, Ecuador and Belize.

With the addition of Jason’s shows to ORN’s schedule, the current and future expatriate community gains new access to expert advice on one of the most pressing concerns about living abroad – securing a home and building and protecting wealth. For retirees hoping to stretch their pension dollars, living abroad makes sense – but volatile politics and limited infrastructures make them reluctant to take that leap. The ORN connects them with those who have the answers they need, around the clock.

The Overseas Radio Network proudly claims that it’s the first and only completely online radio station serving the expat community and helping them to make informed decisions about living and working abroad. Through a lineup of shows focusing on culture and lifestyle, investing and real estate, the ORN reaches listeners in Asia, South America and anywhere there’s an Internet cnnection. With podcast episodes featuring conversations with leaders in fields such as investing, entrepreneurship and personal safety, Jason’s shows now reach a new audience of those living a different kind of American dream.  (Top image: Flickr/jplevine)

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