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Meet the Masters of Income Property Investing – One Weekend to Financial Independence

SolomonSuccess.comSitting in the audience at the recent Meet the Masters of Income Property Investing impressed upon us once again the life-changing potential of this twice-yearly, three-day event. Sure we host the thing and, yes, we make money on it – enough to cover expenses and then a little – but more than a capitalistic endeavor, this is a labor of love born of a passion to show people how to reach financial independence.

It literally takes years off our lives to think that there are those out there still pinning their hopes for retirement on the insider’s game that characterizes Wall Street’s stock, bond, and mutual fund investing. Here’s an idea. If you’re not happy with state of your stock portfolio, give our event a try the next time it comes around (Fall of 2011). The price is quite manageable, especially if you register in advance, and you can bring a friend for free.

Let’s take a look back at the recently concluded Masters weekend to see the astounding amount of income property investing and financial independence information you could have learned. Remember, the admission price includes three full eight-hour days of high-powered information delivered by experts from around the country.

This past weekend began on Friday afternoon and featured area specific presentations from Denver, Phoenix, and St. Roberts (Missouri). While that last sentence might not seem especially exciting to read, don’t underestimate the power within. An area presentation is given by a carefully screened individual who lives and work in the specific region. He (or she) has been chosen by Platinum Properties Investor Network to uncover great deals and bring them to our investors, like you. This means that by the simple act of buying a ticket to the event, you are opening yourself up to a world of income property investments not generally available to the buying public.

To be blunt, our network sends these people a lot of business and they want to keep us happy. That’s why we get first shot at the best cash-flowing deals available. This feature alone makes the Masters event worth far more than we charge for it, and that’s not even to mention the other presentations to help you achieve financial independence – commercial property investing, 1031 Exchanges, and profiting from the current real estate cycle to name a few.

Stay tuned to Solomon Success and we’ll notify you when the next Meet the Masters of Income Property Investing educational event rolls around.

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