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Learn the wisdom of the ages while you’re still young

Perhaps the greatest gift of the Bible in general, and the Book of Proverbs specifically, is you don’t have to learn everything through trial and error as you fumble your way through life. The Book of Proverbs is ready to go to work in your life now. No need to wait until you’re old to learn and internalize these ageless truths. Do you see the amazing part of this? Skip the learning curve and put King Solomon’s wisdom to work in your life and business immediately – no matter how young your driver’s license says you are.

The Bible has absolutely no problem with earning money, living well, and providing for your family. As long as you don’t forsake God in the pursuit of money, always treat others by the Golden Rule, and don’t obsess over profit, you should be good to go.

Solomon Success thinks the writer of the Book of Proverbs would have been disgusted with the state of the stock market these days. Brokers, fatcats, and politicians might as well be moneychangers despoiling the temple. Waste, deceit, and thievery is the order of the day, and the further you separate your own business dealings from that place, the better.

We’re not going to go so far as to say real estate investing is more godly, but it sure is a heck of a lot easier to keep your dealings in line with Biblical truth, primarily because it’s simpler to maintain direct control over deals. You don’t need an adviser or broker. All you need is a little bit of education in the subject area and a belief that income property investing is where wealth really is made in America.

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