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King Solomon’s Wisdom Via Christian Podcast

Christian podcastThe Biblical business and investing wisdom of the ages is coming to an iPod near you, thanks to the efforts of Jason Hartman, founder of Platinum Properties Investor Network, and host of The Creating Wealth Show. The remarkable success of his original show inspired Jason to take the wisdom of the author of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, King Solomon, and combine it with probing interviews of leading Biblical thinkers and investors. The result is a Christian podcast like no other.

We call it the Solomon Success Show, which can be found via links on this website.

What is Biblical investing and what the heck is going to be on this Christian podcast any way? Both good questions and you’re going to find out soon. Jason is in the studio now recording the introductory shows, so you’re going to have to be patient a short while longer.

In case you have a funny ambivalence towards whether or not the Bible supports investing, we are here to say that it does, provided it’s done with the right attitude. What is that attitude? In your heart of hearts, you can probably guess the answer to that question, but the sweet part is you won’t have to. The imminent arrival of the Solomon Success Show, a Christian podcast like no other, cuts to the heart of Biblical business practices and investing, leaving no doubt as to what the scriptures command you to do.

Stay tuned!

The Solomon Success Team

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