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King Solomon’s Temple Mission

King SolomonIt seems that much of the trouble and vexation in this life created by followers of God’s word is a result of losing focus of the primary mission, which is hold God primary and treat him with the humility, awe, respect, and service that is due. You’ve likely heard the story a hundred times before but it bears repeating. King Solomon was in the habit of making grand gestures to God and, one night, after offering a thousand or so burnt offerings, God appeared to him and asked what the King wanted from God.

In response to this loaded question if there ever was one, King Solomon gave an answer that few people who trod this planet we call earth ever would; he asked for wisdom and knowledge so that he could best build his kingdom. Did he ask for glory, riches, conquests, lovers, fame, or immortality? Not quite. He simply wanted the wisdom to make the correct decisions from his critical position as the leader of a people. Looking deeper, the real answer Solomon offered revealed it to be a request as to how he could serve God best.

One of the tasks King Solomon placed upon himself was to build a temple for God. This little project took twenty years to complete. The walls were lined with gold and other temples of the day paled in comparison. Other temples of ANY day would likely pale in comparison. One shouldn’t get the idea that Solomon neglected his own comfort or that of his family and friends but he made darn sure not to lose sight that the first mission in his life was to serve God.

Considering that Israel had few natural resources for temple building or anything else, this undertaking was monumental in scope. There was not enough stone, gold, wood, or workers to begin construction, factors that might have caused a lesser man to decide that the temple could be built later, when it was more convenient. Not Solomon. He formed trade alliances, bartered for resources he didn’t have, and saved those that he did. His attention never wavered and his focus never drifted. While his power and influence grew throughout the region, the temple slowly, steadily came into being.

If our political leaders today could stay as focused on serving a greater power as they do self-aggrandizement and the latest opinion poll, we’d have quite a country to speak of today rather than a cesspool of financial irresponsibility and pending bankruptcy.

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