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King Solomon’s Business Priorities

King SolomonIf ever there was a ruler in history who appeared to have taken God’s favor and put it to use amassing an incredible fortune, it was King Solomon. In his spare time, he did a little writing which you might have heard of also – the book of Proverbs, in the Bible. But did the good king simply run around watching everything he touched turn to gold? No, he didn’t. God’s plan was humming along nicely in the background, exhibited by the following attributes.

Serve Wholeheartedly
At Solomon Success, we’re of the opinion that the King found such admirable success because he was focused on serving God and not men or women. While it’s true that he may have lost a little focus later on when he began taking a multitude of wives and concubines, in the beginning, he found favor with God because he was devoted to God and not concerned with the foibles and natterings of the people around him.

Strive for Excellence
The reason too many humans don’t find excellence is that they don’t seek it. Striving to achieve great things and putting forth the effort to accomplish them is no easy task. It requires focus, discipline, and a devotion to a cause greater than yourself. In case we haven’t mentioned it lately, we’re also of the opinion that few people achieve greatness who spend much time in front of the television. Toss Facebook and Twitter into that category also. Distractions such as this detract time from legitimate pursuits and allow too many people to wallow in the throes of gossip and rumormongering. You don’t want to be a rumormonger, do you?

The Role of Wealth
Not only is your task at hand to create wealth for the glory of God but you’re also obligated to run a profitable business to serve those who have a stake in your success. We’re talking about investors, partners, customers, and employees. Perhaps even all of humanity could be considered served by your prosperity. Do you produce a needed product or provide a valuable service? If so, you certainly serve the world at large in addition to God and others. To put it bluntly, it is your duty, as it was for King Solomon, to create wealth through business endeavors for the good of everyone. Is failing to follow through on good business practices a sin? Perhaps but a half-hearted effort at turning what you’ve been given into even more wealth surely is.

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