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King Solomon Says Get Thee Some Excellent Counsel

King Solomon, Proverbs 15:22In Proverbs 15:22, King Solomon reminds us of the value of retaining good counsel. We’re not talking about in anticipation of an ambush lawsuit – not that kind of counsel – but rather the wisdom of investment advisers and financial planners. Oh, and don’t leave out your spouse when it comes to seeking advice. They have a way of getting snippy about being excluded. Reminder the proverb we’re talking about? Essentially it goes like this:

Without consultation, plans are frustrated but with many counselors they succeed.

One adviser is good. Two is better. It helps to have a cross-section of opinion related to your financial life. Even King Solomon didn’t make decisions in a vacuum. He had a handful of “go to” guys when a big decision needed to be made. Of course, the ultimate decision rested with him and, in your life, with you, but make sure you have gathered as much information as possible before acting.

We’re not saying to shy away from asking Christian friends their opinion but we have noticed that sometimes they are hesitant to deliver an honest assessment of the situation for fear of hurting feelings, which is completely ridiculous and a topic for a different day. No matter whom you finally choose as your inner circle of financial advisers, impress upon them the importance of being completely honest and upfront, as they would want were the roles reversed.

Without good counsel, you’re just winging it and, heaven knows, most of us don’t have a very high batting average when we do that. Down that path lies frustration and heartache. Good counselors give you a much better chance for success. You don’t have anything against success, do you? King Solomon is an eternal example that there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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