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Is Your Christian Investment Green?

We’re not here today to ponder the merits of whether your Christian investment is green enough, but rather to consider the reality of what the recent recession has done to the so-called “green” movement. When we talk about green, we’re referring to the practice of greening up a house during construction so that it is more environmental friendly. Some green options would be:

* augmenting the traditional electrical supply with solar panels
* installing low flow toilets and faucets
* building with recycled materials

The problem is that green construction is more expensive than regular construction and, during the midst of high unemployment and a housing crash, not too many people are willing to shell out more cash for what is generally seen as optional improvement. Some might even debate whether green add-on’s are an improvement at all.

But the real reason we bring up the green movement in regard to Christian investments is that you should know it’s not a very good time to be investing in companies that specialize in green-oriented products and services. They’re having a tough time of it right now. We wouldn’t go as far to say that green is dead, but it’s taken a position on the back burner until the economic ship of state can right itself.

An interesting statistic that bears out what we’re saying comes from Chicago Agent Magazine, which compared numbers and found that last year a full 33% of new home buyers were looking for homes with green options. This year that percentage has dwindled to 15%. The survey went on to ask how many real estate agents had completed green transactions in the past year. 77% said “none.”

Though some major construction companies continue to tout the “advantage” of the green homes they build, the tactic is more likely a desperate attempt to separate themselves from the competition and not necessarily a reply to public demand – because right now the public’s not demanding it at all!

If part of your Christian investment portfolio rests in green technology in one form or another, don’t panic and sell it all immediately. Just don’t be completely surprised if it continues to show weakness until the nation’s financial affairs improve. We would suggest that it might not be a great time to dive wholeheartedly into the green sector.

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