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In the Bible, Money Should be Invested

bible moneyRecent entries have focused on finding Bible entries that portray God as a pro-investment kind of deity. Perhaps nowhere is the sentiment more clearly expressed that, by the Bible, money is meant for investing than the Book of Luke, Chapters 11-26. Do you remember this one, commonly referred to as the Parable of the Ten Minas? Let’s recap.

Near Jersualem, Jesus stopped to relay a story to the crowd. As always, he didn’t just chew the fat with no particular point in mind. These instructional verses concerned a man of noble birth who was to be away for a while. He called ten of his servants in and gave them each ten minas (a mina was equal to about three months wages) and told them to “Put this money to work until I come back.”

And then he was gone.

When he returned, he called for the servants to find out how they had fared with the minas. The first servant had used the original ten minas to earn ten more. His reward for an excellent performance was being made ruler over ten cities. The next servant had earned five and was given five cites and so on. The last servant had been fearful of the man’s wrath if he lost the mina and therefore kept it hidden away, earning zilch. The man took the mina from him and gave it to the one who had earned ten.

This seems to be pretty clear evidence that, by the Bible, money is not intended to be put into hiding beneath a mattress or buried in the yard. God wants it to be used to earn more.

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