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How Bible Scholars Can Make Money Blogging on the Slimy Beast

SolomonSuccess.comDo you have a better than average knowledge about the Bible and want to make money blogging on that topic? Do you like to write? If so, you have just qualified yourself to be the next great religious blogging sensation. Now all you need is about two years of focused effort and you could be rolling in the dough and educating people in the process. And even if you’re not cashing six figure checks at the point, making a difference on this sometimes slimy beast we call the Internet is a good reason to plow ahead also.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first. Some Bible scholars seem to fear even using the Internet, as if the very act of involving themselves with a medium that also functions as a primary conduit for hate, pornography and worse will somehow taint them. That’s the absolute wrong way to think about it! Consider all the good you could do by starting and maintaining an educational resource for living from a Christian perspective. Did Jesus only preach to the converted?.

The answer to that last question would be not only no but heck no. He went out among the unbelievers and the suffering and brought the word to them that there was something else out there beyond the cold cruelty of life.

So, you wanna start a blog? Lucky for you it’s very, very simple these days. You actually could start one completely free at, a well thought of service that’s been around for a while. Even the newbie computer user can figure his way around that website in short order and have your own little piece of Internet real estate alive and kicking before too long. The only drawback we see to going with Blogger is that you don’t actually own your website. Your chosen domain name will have “” tacked onto the end, which doesn’t look quite as professional as owning your own domain such “” Plus they could pull your website down at any time, for any reason. That’s not cool.

To make money blogging, you need to look like you’re a pro and putting together this appearance costs a SLIGHT bit more. Buying a domain name will run about $15 and website hosting costs less than $10 monthly. That doesn’t seem like too onerous a financial burden in return for being able to spread your expertise to the world.

Think you don’t know enough to make money blogging? We think you do.

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