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Government Suppression of Religion Through the Prison System with Dr. Dino, Kent Hovind



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Jason Hartman interviews Dr. Dino, Kent Hovind, who was arrested and sentenced to prison for what he believes was teaching Creationism. Kent is labeled “Young Earther” and believes that the earth began 6000 years ago. During his arrest, he heard the police reference one of his DVDs. However, he was charged for “structuring,” which usually applies when catching drug dealers. The conversation goes into how the government oversteps and suppresses individual rights.

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It’s my pleasure to welcome Ken Hoeven to the show. He was actually recommended by a an avid listener and client of ours and has a fascinating story about the prison industrial complex as I call it, how are the government prison industrial complex and also some interesting things To talk about in terms of the Las Vegas shooting, which, as you may know, I actually witnessed and videotaped. And I think there is a lot of, there are a lot of questions about the official story on that. So let’s dive into it. Kent is known as a world renowned Christian evangelist. He’s known as Dr. Dino and the author of the creation seminar. Ken, welcome. How are you?

Kent Hovind 1:21
Thank you for having me doing very well, you know, Alabama population 35.

Jason Hartman 1:27
That’s amazing. Good stuff. We’ve been wanting to get you on the show for a long time, because you have got a fascinatingly tragic story. But every taxpayer needs to hear your story because it is truly scary. What is going on with the motivations in what I call the prison industrial complex. Interestingly, Bernie Sanders who I am not a supporter of, but I do give Bernie some credit for bringing up a lot of problems and bringing a lot of problems to the public. But his solutions are usually kind of delusional, I think. But you know, I’m glad he’s out there and you know, brought up a lot of these issues and one of them is the prison industrial complex. Tell us about your story if you would.

Kent Hovind 2:12
Well, yes, I wrote a book about it called the kennel like a big dog kennel. It’s on Dr. dyno calm. I was a high school science and math teacher for 15 years. I moved to Pensacola, Florida in January of 89 and started a ministry called Creation Science evangelism. And my website like I said, Dr. Dino, Dr. Dino and I were speaking all over the world on the topic of creation, evolution, dinosaurs, and my video number five is talks about the dangers of the evolution theory. It’s not only dumb, it’s dangerous. It’s the foundation for communism, socialism, Marxism, etc. And one day back in 2006, our ministry got raided by a SWAT team, fully armed, you know, ready for bear SWAT team and a bunch of IRS agents and they arrested me. When they came in, they said get every DVD number five. You can find these in number five My seminar series is where I cover, you know, evolution is the foundation of socialism, communism, Nazi ism, etc, you know, the politically incorrect one. Anyway, I said, What am I being arrested for? They said you’re being arrested for structuring. I said, I’ve never heard of that. What is it? They said five years ago, you took money out of the bank in amounts less than $10,000, which is something that you don’t do all the time. But I guess if you do it consistently, and there’s a pattern and it’s for $9,999, the government is going to think that you’re structuring.

Jason Hartman 3:33
Now, what did you use that money for when all through it

Kent Hovind 3:36
those laws are to catch drug dealers? Right, you know, I’ll be 65 and two months, I’ve never tasted alcohol, never had any drugs. There were laws worse for drug dealers. And so we were taking out 90 $500 every once every two weeks, because the pastor said try to keep it under 10,000 or they’re gonna think you’re a drug dealer. And we were building all kinds of stuff in our ministry. We have a large growing ministry with 40 people working there and we had all kinds of projects going on. So we use, it was better to send a high school or college student with a pickup truck and $2,000 to get shingles for the house, rather than a pickup truck and a credit card and see him six months later, you know, thanks for the vacation. So we dealt with cash for about a year and a half. And so once every two weeks, my wife would go down at about 9500. Just like the pastor said. The law says it has to be two withdrawals in one day that are under 10. But they total over 10. Well, we never did that, huh. And it wasn’t for drugs anyway. So they took me to trial and my attorney said can’t don’t even give a defense. You broke no laws at all. I said, I know. So we rested after the prosecution put on their dog and pony show. And then the judge changed the jury instructions. Because the law says more than 10,000 The judge said no jury, if you find he took out less than 10,000 You must find him guilty unbeliever

Jason Hartman 4:48
that’s not even though. I mean, I mean, this is i can’t i wouldn’t just say something here. This is a common perception among people that have not dealt with the court system before and the perception Is the judge has to obey the law. Let me tell you something, folks, that is simply not true. And I think you’re just giving us an example of it right now, because the judge literally told the jury to ignore the actual law in your case. And you know, they could do nothing else but find you guilty once he told them that right or cheat.

Kent Hovind 5:22
It was a woman judge, right. And then of course, they said, Well, yeah, he’s guilty of taking out less than 10,000. Who isn’t. And so the judge said, Thank you dismiss the jury. And then the judge said, Now, Mr. Hovind, this crime is worse than rape. I’m enhancing is supposed to be zero to six months. And this is your first offense ever. I’ve never been in trouble for anything except a few speeding tickets, never been to court. I didn’t know or didn’t know where the courthouse was. Right. And so she said, this crime is worse than rape. I’m enhancing this to 10 years from police gave me a 10 year sentence in federal prison and she said, that money that you took out of the bank to build all that stuff at your ministry. I want the government to seize all of that. So they came see That your bank account seized all the properties. And then the US attorney that did this to us. A couple weeks later, he flew to Detroit to have sex with a five year old got off the airplane with a Vaseline and a doll. And they arrested him and he hung himself in jail in Detroit. Oh God, David Roy Acheson.

Jason Hartman 6:15
So so that was that was that was the DA in 2007. That prosecuted your case?

Kent Hovind 6:21
Exactly right. I was in prison. They moved me 32 times while I was in federal prison. I spent almost nine years then they wanted to keep me in longer. So they brought another charge when I just a few months left to go on my sentence. They charged me with mail fraud, which carries a 20 year sentence. And the jury saw right through it finally, and I was the first case in the federal courthouse in Pensacola that the government had lost in nine years with the jury so this guy’s not guilty of mail fraud. They said I mailed a letter to the courthouse. How on earth can it be mail fraud to mail a letter to the courthouse? It was it was just insane. So yeah. I finally got out and I still I’m still on probation, another six months, eight months. Well, it’s a crazy system. So while I was in prison, I wrote 37 books and especially one about the prison system. I read the book Animal Farm by George Orwell and I thought this is perfect to use pigs to make fun of communism. I’m gonna use dogs to make fun of our industrial complex the prison system. And so just a little booklet 100 pages you can get it doctor diner comm or call 855 big dyno. And yeah, it’s if I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t believe it. Most people think the federal court system is part of our federal government.

Jason Hartman 7:36
Tell us about that.

Kent Hovind 7:37
Okay, it’s a giant corporation. You know, people say we’re voting for for President. I see President of what, well United States Oh, which one? There are seven different ones at least. Mm. Depends how they spell it. Is Federal Express federal is federal shotgun shells federal. No, you know, this is like the Federal Reserve argument to which people have finally come around to understanding the Federal Reserve isn’t any more federal and federal Express as the people say, but neither is our federal government. They’re all part of a corporation called the United States of America. Donald Trump is the president of a corporation, not the real United States.

Jason Hartman 8:10
Okay, so give us some context here. Ken. So when were you arrested? Was that maybe 2006?

Kent Hovind 8:15
First time I was arrested was Yeah. 2006.

Jason Hartman 8:19
So in 2006, you went through trial in probably 2007. Then right?

Kent Hovind 8:24
trial was over November 2. I went to prison November 2 2006. Wow. Unbelievable.

Jason Hartman 8:29
Okay, so they move you around 32 times and every time they moved you from one facility to another, that was just raking in more government money for the privatized prison system and costing the taxpayers more and more money, right.

Kent Hovind 8:47
Oh, it’s much worse than you can imagine. When I was in Yazoo City, Mississippi, the last prison I was at. I found out that the former governor of Mississippi conservative haley barbour owns the land. He owns the land and Lisa 2000 acres I think leases it to the prison complex there they have a giant prison complex in Yazoo City.

Jason Hartman 9:06
So the the prison is is Haley barbers tenant that’s on board. exactly correct. Yeah, this is you. I can’t believe this is actually legal. This is shocking.

Kent Hovind 9:17
He’s got a 99 year lease and his son haley barbour Jr. is the chief a federal judge in Jackson Mississippi. believe about an incentive to keep it full. Yeah, it is bizarre and the private prisons they have a contract. We’re gonna build a private prison but you have to promise us 90% occupancy. Unbelievable. So the Orioles pay us a penalty. It is such a bizarre system. It’s all money. Like just like the Bible says First Timothy 616.

Jason Hartman 9:43
What was their excuse for moving you around? I mean, did you want to be moved? Did you know? No.

Kent Hovind 9:48
I started off in Pensacola six miles from my house. My five grandkids my three kids and I started off six miles from my house. Mm. They move me to South Carolina dude. You’re out to New Hampshire to Colorado. The law says you’re supposed to be within 500 miles of your house if possible. Yeah,

Jason Hartman 10:07
this is one of the way he was. This is the one of the ways that the government screws people over. And of course, the you know, the the incentives of the privatized prison system or the various contractors and vendors for that privatized system. Even if it’s not privatized, there’s still some company that’s, you know, contracted to move prisoners around and so forth, and all kinds of other services the government buys, even if it’s not private, because not all prisons are private, but to move inmates far away from their families like that is just just disgusting. You know, had you talked to me years ago, I would have been on the side of the typical republican spiel that is like, you know, these bad guys lock them up, throw away the key, the whole thing, but since then, I’ve become more enlightened about the motivations and the DEA that will be trying to further their career that will prosecute an innocent person or a You know, maybe even a guilty person to a higher level, I interviewed a charitable organization called fam families against mandatory minimums on the show before. And it is unbelievable the way our liberties are being just eroded left and right. Every listener should realize this could happen to you. Okay, you could be the next target of some disgusting prosecutor that just wants to further their career. You know, it’s like a salesman trying to make a commission. It’s just scary when it’s they’ve got the power of the government behind them. Well, and

Kent Hovind 11:34
of course, the jury’s sitting there thinking well, this is he wouldn’t be accused if it wasn’t guilty. And then they always stack the charges on for instance, the charge was structuring, taking your money out of the bank in a mouse less than $10,000 which is not the way the charge is supposed to be. They charged me 45 counts of structuring because over the two year period 45 times, my wife took out the money to go all the projects we were building we bought neighborhood houses and remodeling stuff and All kinds of stuff going on. All of it used for the ministry none of it used for drugs. So instead of charging one counter structuring they charge 45 Council structure or it looks terrible to the jury. Wow. There was never a Christ. There’s a website Kent Hovind is innocence calm, okay, came and lived here for five months. he researched my case for 12 or 15 months. He said, I can’t I can’t believe this happened to you. He came here and lived here read all the records. He said you broke absolutely no laws and the government broke over 100 laws to put you in prison. And all of them are listed on the Kent Hovind is innocent, calm. He said if people will fill out these papers and it gives a tells everything on the website there. If you’ll do ABCD they can still over here in the case and they’ll owe you $30 million. False incarceration. Wow. But yeah, if it hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t believe it. Mm hmm. See what in my video five what I covered. The founders of this country said We hold these truths to be self evident. All men are created equal. They’re endowed by their creator with certain rights, where do rights come from? They come from the Creator, right? But if you got some morons who like communism, they want you to believe there is no creator and rights come from government.

Jason Hartman 13:12
Right? So let’s talk about that for a moment because I think it’s very important for non religious people to understand that in any

Kent Hovind 13:22
tin pot dictatorship or even non tin pot dictatorships in the Soviet Union certainly wasn’t a tin pot dictatorship. I mean, that was a big giant dictatorship, a very successful one for decades. The first thing the state wants to do is be the all powerful being the Supreme Being is the government, the state, and that’s why they immediately disallow any form of religion, any discussion of a higher power. I remember I dated a girl once whose uncle was put in prison in Romania for eight years for giving away free bye Even if you are an atheist, you should be very concerned about this type of thing. Unless you’re a communist, then you know this is the kind of thing you want. Can you address that and elaborate on that idea a little bit? Well, there’s only two options there is a God or there isn’t. Nobody’s thought of a third option okay? There is a god or if there’s a God and he determines right from wrong, I’ve had 130 debates against atheists now a lot of ground up on Dr. Dino calm and I asked him often I say Guys, if evolution is true, how do you tell right from wrong on any topic? Is murder right or wrong? Is abortion right or wrong? Is sex with your dog right or wrong? Is anything named me five things that are wrong? But before you do that, I want you to tell me, how are you measuring this ruler? Where’s your standard? They don’t have one so we have to borrow Christian standards. People who would like it one world government, it really goes back to God telling Adam, look, buddy, you got to work for a living now. You blew it, you got to work. And so everybody since then has tried to get out of That by either, you know, stealing from other people, or tricking other people into work for free for them or forced labor slavery, or in the case of government, gigantic case of forced labor, slavery, or the IRS, for instance, the Puerto Rican collection agency that they hired to come in here and collect taxes from everybody. There’s a whole long, interesting story there. But I covered so I can

Jason Hartman 15:19
only imagine that that what you just mentioned is some form of crony capitalism again, right? The Puerto Rican collection agency, unbelievable,

Kent Hovind 15:27
it really is. It’s not even a government agency. It’s a Puerto Rican collection agency called the IRS Internal Revenue Service. Now, I don’t want to spend my time fighting these guys I got bigger about Jesus did not try to fight the Roman Empire. He just simply wanted to win souls and build his ministry, but they killed him. And all I was doing was just simply exposing the truth about how the evolution theory is the foundation of communism, socialism, when Karl Marx was writing his stupid book, Communist Manifesto, which one of the planks in there is gun control? That’s why so many of the democrats are in favor of them, of course. You know, and so he read Darwin’s book that had just come out. He said, Oh, Darwin’s book is perfect as a justification for our theories of communism. And I just put my point all that out in my video number five, which is why they arrested me and said, get every DVD number five, you can find, you can get my whole seminar, it’s 18 hours long. DVD five is just part of it. But it’s only 50 bucks for the whole thing on Dr. dyno. So we’ve got like, I don’t know, 10 million of those out there circulating around the world. So

Jason Hartman 16:26
who do you think I mean, you must have some suspicion or maybe you actually know for sure. Who in the government got ahold of your DVD was at the DHS office? Why did they pick on you? There’s so many bigger fish. There’s so many better criminals to go after out there. And you know, the government mostly knows who they are. They just maybe are developing cases against them. So But why? Tell us what you think can about why the government picked on you?

Kent Hovind 16:52
Well, all I can do is what is what rumors have gone around. They said George Bush had ordered the US DHS office in Pensacola Do crackdown on tax protesters, because there were some tax protests. I’m not a tax protester. If I owe a tax, I pay it. I’m glad we had tax protesters that threw the tea in the harbor and started this country. But I’m not one of those. I mean, I would have given him a sandwich on the way to the boat, but I wouldn’t have joined him. I don’t think so. We need people to, you know, make everybody obey the law, including the government. But that’s just all I can do is say, the rumor is that george bush had ordered a crackdown on tax protesters and my name got on the list somehow, even though I’m not a tax protester. Okay.

Jason Hartman 17:30
We’ll find out Judgment Day. They just looked in, they figured you’re some small town minister, and they figured he’d probably be an easy target and you wouldn’t fight back much he didn’t have a lot of resources. Probably a really good target for a predatory prosecutor a predatory government right.

Kent Hovind 17:47
Oh, absolutely. A Baptist preacher on top of all that, but they love conservative and so I do believe in creation. Wow, I guess I’m a great threat to them. Well, I really am a threat to their new work their plans for a new world order. a one world government because the New World foundation is there is no God will tell you what’s right and wrong no big government that’s what I was exposing and so it’s still out there DVD five But yeah, I just teach on you know, evolution theory is dumb it’s really dumb you’re it’s only 6000 years old dinosaurs lived with man they didn’t live millions of years ago. So I cover all that in my whole series use a lot of jokes a lot of humor.

Jason Hartman 18:21
that’s a that’s a discussion we could have for like the next three days. Okay, so let’s not waste our time on that. But I you know, I really want you know, any more things that you want to talk about about this? I want to ask you about the Las Vegas shooting. Many, many people, many very intelligent people are finding all kinds of holes in the official story. I’m certainly one of them, and especially because I witnessed it. This just does not add up. I mean, this story does not add up. But explain to the listeners if you would, what a false flag is, and if the Las Vegas shooting and or any others are false flags.

Kent Hovind 18:58
Well, I am convinced it was a false flag. As well as most of the shootings in the last 15 years, you gotta keep in mind their goal is communism, which one of the planks is gun control and the fact that Americans still have guns is the biggest obstacle to their one world plans of our government for you know, giant government and so they have to have shootings like this and there’ll be more that will give them some excuse to and now they’re going after the AR 15 and next to the go after something else and then little by little they keep eating away at the rights to the founders of this country made it very simple. Yeah, the right to protect yourself. Everybody can know they can

Jason Hartman 19:31
go after trucks. I really think we need some truck control. I mean, you know, you can go rent a home Home Depot truck and run people down in New York or anywhere else. I mean, look at what happened in France. I have truck control, I think is a major issue of our day. We got it we got to have truck control immediately. The other one that’s extremely easy to use. You’re seeing slashings and knife attacks all over Europe now. I mean, it’s just Muslim radicals are using knives constantly because the guns are harder to reach them but you know in heavily gun controlled areas, they’re still getting guns anyway, obviously, look at the Charlie Hebdo attacks and so forth, you know, in, in France that are, you know, very, very heavy gun control in France. But you know, the other one that’s super easy gasoline. gasoline is a fantastic terrorist tool. I mean, you use some gasoline and you can just start torturing things. It’s it’s, that’s incredibly easy. So how are we going to control every way to kill people, it’s just not even close to possible.

Kent Hovind 20:29
I’ve got a solution for certain crimes, people should be executed, not locked up for life. I mean, executed. If someone rates your daughter, she doesn’t need to pay his groceries for the next 20 years and then worried about him getting out 20 years it’s, it’s more than 20 it’s way worse than that, you know, these guys sit on death row for decades and you know, maybe never get executed. And it costs the taxpayers an absolute fortune, right, but not just the money psychologically, your daughter who is raped by somebody who needs to watch the guy get shot or Ryder, huh? Yeah, and then go spit on his grave every day for a few weeks until she can heal up emotional. Yeah, no, no, there’s a closure as it is a very valid concept. exactly correct. And so if we did that, if we just simply did capital punishment according to the biblical standards, that those laws were for the Jews, we don’t have to necessarily apply all of them. But the principle is correct. If nothing else, it gets rid of the mean gene out of the gene pool. Like if you get a vicious dog that bites somebody, you put it down, you don’t let it breed and produce a raised pit bulls to be mean, and they assemble some dogs, and they raised dogs to be gentle. They raised them to be shepherds. There’s something genetic about personality. And I think that the biblical method of getting rid of certain people that commit certain crimes would gradually minimize that in society. I was president I would start following the biblical standards. Okay, for these crimes, you don’t get to go to prison you get executed.

Jason Hartman 21:48
Well, isn’t it interesting that you seem to agree there with like Richard Dawkins, who’s a devout atheist and generally loosely Darwinism, you know that there is a mean gene right? That’s that that’s kind of interesting if you want to comment on it feel free.

Kent Hovind 22:04
Well, I think the anybody would say that this is true in dogs and cats and every animal sure some are simply more vicious than others. And if the Russian for 50 years have been breeding tame foxes, they took wild foxes 50 years ago and selected for one trait only among the pups, Tameness and now they’ve got it, they got it. They act like dogs, they look like dogs, they behave like dogs. Yeah, it’s the same in humans. Some people are just playing me. And you if they commit a crime, you execute them if it’s appropriate. Yeah, we’re doing it all wrong. My book, The kennels talks about that, how that we’re just we’re perpetuating the totally wrong message. Let’s see, one of the things Karl Marx said to take over the country. You have to create a crisis. Yep. And then you come in with your solution. That’s what all these shootings are, hey, never let a good crisis go to waste. Never has rahm emanuel said lead never let a good crisis go to waste, right? Yep. That’s where we are. So people need to understand. That’s where education I travel. There’s some seminars at churches and schools and debates and stuff, getting people to understand, hey, what’s the goal? in any sport? If you’re on defense, you have to know what is the other guy’s target? What’s his goal? What’s he going for? If it’s basketball, he’s trying to get a basket behind me. Now, he may fake this way or fake that way. But always keep in mind, where’s he trying to go? What’s the goal? Well, if you think of what is the goal of communism, okay, it’s complete control of everything. It’s complete gun control. So if they have to take step at a time and fake this way, and fake that way, don’t get confused. They have a simple goal, and it’s been out since 1848, with Karl Marx’s book, and I cover all that in video five. So yeah, what is the goal of Satan? Well, God told Satan in the Garden of Eden, that someday some seed of the woman is going to bruise your head. And so he’s trying to kill a human planet in Bethlehem, steel, Big kisses. He just killed all the babies and Satan wants to reduce the human population to zero. And so he’s got people working very hard for him that are reducing the population in all sorts of ways like the chemtrails, the fluoride in the water, the vaccinations, all of these things, kill people and reduce population. And that’s the goal. abortion, homosexuality and the list is law. population.

Jason Hartman 24:20
What do you say to people can’t that say, you know, you sound very out there, very conspiratorial. How do you respond to that type of criticism? You know, maybe someone listening doesn’t agree with you about evolution versus creation? See, personally, I believe both are true. I believe that we were created at some point, everything was created, and then it evolved. I mean, you know, you can’t really deny that evolution takes place today, right. I mean, you know, you just talked about how things are traits or breed it in and out of foxes and dogs and, and you know, people, so that’s not exactly evolution. I get that. I totally understand that. By the way, but you know, organisms adapt to their environment, and that is evolution.

Kent Hovind 25:04
When I do the basic on evolution, I very carefully define the, what are we talking about changing from a mean dog to A into a nice dog is still a dog. But God said 20 times in the Bible, they’re going to bring forth after their kind. And that’s all anybody’s ever seen. So if we see, you know, hairy, or dogs or long legged dogs eat, that’s not really evolution, that’s a variation within the created kind that already existed. for selecting a certain trait, like selecting a mean gene or something that’s selecting a trait that already exists. You might want to get a faster dog. So you breed dogs, and you’ll save the pups that are faster, but you’re never going to put wings on one or a jet engine. It’s always going to be a dog. It just may be faster dog, like a Dalmatian or some. So yeah, that’s another topic for another day. That’s my specialty, actually on evolution and created. So God will create a world where he said very clearly they bring forth after their kind. That’s all we’ve seen. And so if something He wants to believe it goes beyond the kind they can. But that’s not science anymore. It’s religion. Oh, my god 1100 recognized species of bats in the world. Okay, they might have had a common ancestor. It was a bat. That doesn’t prove that best came from a rock 4.6 billion years ago, which cool down from a big bang where nothing exploded. That’s, that’s the difference. Mm hmm.

Jason Hartman 26:21
What else do you want people to know about the Las Vegas shooting? We promise we talked about that a little bit. And we touched on it only but we know what a false flag is. We know that a false flag serves the elite power class to anybody doesn’t know. Obviously, communism and socialism are a fantastic deal for those in power for the elite, the elite the day, they benefit from it very nicely. So that’s a great deal for them. It’s not a great deal for those being controlled. Who are the useful idiots who always seem to buy into it, you know, like, why do they buy into this? It’s amazing how people are so easily conned, you know?

Kent Hovind 27:00
Like the whole Federal Reserve, they took away all the real money and gave it we’re walking around with paper thinking we’re rich, right? We got a piece of paper with some ink on it. Yeah. It’s not funny.

Jason Hartman 27:09
It’s bizarre. It’s called currency. God, currency and money ever disappears.

Kent Hovind 27:15
If somebody in Hitler’s Germany in 1936 had said, You know, I think Hitler’s up for something, well, they would have called him a conspiracy theorist. He was on Time Magazine, his man of the year, but he was he was he did have an ulterior motive. And so do a lot of these people today. They’re evil. Yeah. So they need to be exposed.

Jason Hartman 27:30
Yeah, it’s, it’s amazing. But it’s good that we still have an alternative media that messages can get out there can. I mean, it is being controlled. And I think two of the scariest companies on Earth are Google and Facebook, because it’s not necessarily about what you do see on them. It’s about what you don’t see. And I always talk about how you can’t hear the dogs that don’t bark. And we don’t know what we don’t see. When we search for something. We don’t know what doesn’t come up. what’s hidden from our search? We don’t know, on Facebook, what doesn’t show up in our news feed. And this is the scary part. I think these companies, the mainstream media is scary enough. But nothing is more scary than Google and Facebook in terms of the way it can influence global populations. Their algorithms should have to be public, they should be there for the public to see what ingredients go into search results, and what ingredients go into what shows up on someone’s newsfeed. And then beyond that, they should probably be busted up under antitrust violations because they’re just too big. They’re too influential. They I think are very, very scary companies. thoughts on that?

Kent Hovind 28:44
Well, it’s I was locked up for nine years, they changed so many things. I don’t even know for sure what Facebook is. I’m a little by I mean, they did all kinds of change. They brought out house into the building and put the flesh thing on it while I was gone, and they made a lot of changes. So I’m not the guy to ask about what Computers are capable of or not capable of, but I share your concern that I’m nervous about who is who’s in control. Could they simply flip a switch and everybody loses their cell phone and computer in two seconds? If so, that’s that’s a dangerous thing, because that’s again, they want to control all means of communication. Yeah, that was one of Karl Marx’s plans. Yeah, of course. He’s like, can do it now.

Jason Hartman 29:23
Yeah, yeah, it’s, um, it’s, it’s pretty scary. Well, hey, keep getting the word out there on what happened to you. And, folks, if you are a taxpayer, you should be extremely concerned about this type of thing because it’s just a bunch of crony capitalism. As a libertarian, I was in favor of the concept many years ago of privatizing prisons. But I think that that has turned out very badly and I’m, I’ve changed my viewpoint on that because, you know, it’s just a bunch of crony capitalism. It’s a it would be like, Look, a lot of our listeners are real estate investors. It would be like having an apartment building or a bunch of houses. And the government basically helping you fill those houses and make sure the occupancy rates were high. And that’s exactly what’s going on in the prison system. And it is incredibly scary and incredibly disgusting. You know, they busted that disgusting judge believe it was in Pennsylvania, who was putting all these juveniles in prison, and he was getting kickbacks from the private prison that he was sending them to. just unbelievable. just incredibly scary. I mean,

Kent Hovind 30:29
yeah, I know thousand more that need the same.

Jason Hartman 30:32
Yeah. I don’t deny that for a moment. That judge just ruined so many lives. I that’s just so scary. It really is. Well, Kent, thank you for joining us today. give out your website, tell people where they can find your materials and learn more about you.

Kent Hovind 30:46
Okay, Doctor dyno calm. Dr. Di No. If they want a sample of what I do in debates, just Google, where did God come from? I can’t hold them. That’s whole van de Jovi I envy and their 2000 anti Hovind websites. And you mentioned Google Wikipedia has a special lesbian atheist in charge of my sweet spot to make sure nobody corrects it. They told all kinds of lies about me on there normally when you try to correct me usually you correct Wikipedia can’t over try it it’s bizarre. Yeah, it’s really weird. I get honored him him Why?

Jason Hartman 31:20
In the books are on Amazon with great reviews and and keep in mind that every organization we just discussed is leftwing Amazon, Google and Wikipedia, even though Wikipedia interestingly, was founded by a libertarian, the guy and ran fan so strange but again eyelines, an atheist, devout atheist, or was that’s probably why you’re getting the Wikipedia treatment that the censorship there so it’s unbelievable. You know, Dennis Prager, of Prager, you, which is a great, has some great videos and great content. He is suing YouTube over censorship because people aren’t finding the Prager u videos equally in YouTube searches. as other videos that meet the YouTube, which is owned by evil Google, the YouTube company line, if you will. So I hope you get somewhere with that law. So we shall see we shall see can thanks for joining us

Kent Hovind 32:11
anytime. Thanks a lot.

Jason Hartman 32:14
Thank you so much for listening. Please be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss any episodes. Be sure to check out the show’s specific website and our general website heart and Mediacom for appropriate disclaimers and Terms of Service. Remember that guest opinions are their own. And if you require specific legal or tax advice, or advice and any other specialized area, please consult an appropriate professional. And we also very much appreciate you reviewing the show. Please go to iTunes or Stitcher Radio or whatever platform you’re using and write a review for the show we would very much appreciate that. And be sure to make it official and subscribe so you do not miss any episodes. We look forward to seeing you on the next episode.