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A Good Man Leaves an Inheritance for His Grandchildren

Personal hard work and diligence are necessary parts of building wealth and keeping it. However, the wisest earthly king that ever lived understood and taught the importance of leaving a legacy of wealth to future generations. That’s why he wrote in Proverbs 13:22: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his grandchildren.”

Implications of Proverbs 13:22

There are several implications of Solomon’s wise words in Proverbs 13:22.

First, the proverb implies that the testator (the one who leaves the inheritance) has already set money aside for his own children. Though not explicitly stated, this would be the custom under biblical law. It may have even been a requirement, giving the firstborn a double portion.

Second, the verse clearly states that the good man doesn’t only have his first generation of offspring in view. He desires to go above and beyond his expected call to give. The good man is thinking well into the future.

Third, Solomon implies here that the man leaving the inheritance is wealthy. A person who provides an estate to his grandchildren has abundance. He is a wealthy man with assets and property to bequeath to his children and future generations.

Fourth, this Bible passage demonstrates the importance of family in the role of building generational wealth. A self-made man is commendable. However, consider the greater good a man can accomplish with a head start in the race toward wealth. Generational wealth is one way good men can influence the world for the sake of righteousness.

Finally, the proverb demonstrates that money or wealth is not evil or the root of all evil as some suggest. Instead, building wealth is presented here in a positive light. It is something good, a strategy to bequeath wealth and preserve a legacy. Thus, a good man leaves an inheritance for his grandchildren.

Going Against the Trend

In today’s world, there is a growing trend to leave an inheritance to someone other than family or no inheritance at all. CNBC reports that 66% of millennials hope to receive an inheritance from their parents, but only 40% of them will ever see their name written in a will. Even billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are choosing to give much of their money to charity rather than to their progeny alone.

Wealth is a luxury that affords the one endowed the privilege of deciding how to dispense their estate once they pass on. But what is to be said of those who do not have an inheritance to leave to their grandchildren?

A good man leaves an inheritance to his grandchildren. Does that make those who do not leave an inheritance “not” good? We will not answer that question today. Instead, we’d like to provide some thoughts about building wealth that can help you increase your borders (1 Chronicles 4:10). In this way, you can be the good man who has enough to leave an inheritance for your children and your grandchildren.

A Good Man Leaves an Inheritance for His Grandchildren 

Building wealth through real estate is one of the most conservative and biblical means to grow your assets so that you can leave an inheritance to your grandchildren.

Investing in real estate is multifaceted. You’re not putting your money into a volatile, one-dimensional stock market that can turn up or down on a whim as you watch a chart with your fingers crossed. Solomon Success encourages acquiring assets that can be passed down to future generations.

We advocate a type of real estate investing that is virtually risk-free. Our CEO, Jason Hartman, will educate you on how to make sound investing decisions in the real estate marketplace. Plus, with our Platinum Properties Investor Network, we handpick investment opportunities that yield immediate cash flow and excellent returns on your initial and long-term investment.

Real estate provides a tangible asset that can grow in value as you collect income through rents that remain stable despite the ups and downs in the market. While real property values can fluctuate, rental prices remain relatively stable. Plus, as the equity (that your renter is paying for) grows, you can leverage it and turn it into cash without risking your savings.

Put Proverbs 13:22 to work for you, and start building wealth through real estate for you and your future generations.


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