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God’s Purpose for You and Investing

While the Bible doesn’t contain streaming stock quotes or a detailed analysis about how to put together a sound Christian portfolio in its pages, it’s not impossible to uncover God’s personal plan for you and your investments with a careful reading of the lines and time spent thinking about what lies between them. What you need is to discover your purpose for Biblical wealth management and, luckily, we’ve got a few ideas (exercises if you want to call them that) to help you get started.

Life’s Important Things: Before anything else, you must quantify what is important to you in life. You may need to sit down and think about this a while, but it’s imperative to have a clear idea of what matters to you personally before proceeding to the next step. A few examples: relationship with Christ, family, health, travel, financial freedom. You get the idea.

What’s Your Purpose: Put another way, what’s your passion in life? Which activities give you reason to rise in the morning and motivation to claw your way through each and every day all the way to the end? You need a meaning to your life and now’s the time to figure out what it is.

Future Vision: After completing the first two items, it’s time to create a vision for the kind of life you want and hatch a plan on how to achieve it. Ponder your home and work environment, the people you call friends, how you spend your time both professionally and personally.

Mission Statement: Remember Tom Cruise’s revelation in the movie Jerry Maguire? He woke up in a cold sweat, realized he hated the way he was living his life, and created an incredible mission statement about how to change the sports agent industry. Of course, his mission statement got him fired after he widely distributed it and everyone thought he’d gone off his rocker but, luckily, you’re not living in a Hollywood movie, so it should be safe to create both a personal and professional mission statement for your life.

Set Goals: How many of us sit down and make 1, 3, 5, and 10 year goals for our life? Not many, we’d wager to guess. Try it. You might be amazed at the focus and purpose it provides to an existence that sometimes threatens to do nothing more impressive than wander in aimless circles.

Complete these exercises and you might just find a renewed enthusiasm for living and investing by God’s plan. He put wealth of so many different kinds on this earth for us to enjoy. Let’s learn how to start doing it!

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