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Finding Christian Investments Not As Easy As It Used To Be

SolomonSuccess.comSometimes it’s tough to maintain the moral and ethical stance of your Christian investments in the face of the modern corporate tendency to dip their fingers into questionable areas like abortion, pornography, alternative lifestyles, drug and alcohol vice, and even immoral entertainment choices. To get an idea of what we’re up against, we visited the Hall of Shame at to see what we would see.

What is the Hall of Shame? In this instance, it features a graphical breakdown of how certain companies run afoul of Biblical teachings on multiple levels. Let’s take the Walt Disney Company as an example. Back when Walt was alive, this company had the reputation of being G-Rated to the bone and beyond reproach when it came to being kid and family safe. But that was in a different corporate climate – when a company tended to do one thing and do it really well. These days, you would have to look long and hard to find a business of that size and complexity that didn’t have a few skeletons in the closest.

These days, the Walt Disney Company is actually owned by parent company ABC Television, which explains a lot of the following.

The Timothy Plan website lists Disney as a philanthropist when it comes to providing money for causes that either are ambivalent towards or actively support abortions. Strike one.

Disney has four strikes against them in this category and, once again, it’s the association with ABC that is to blame. One only has to look as far as a current television lineup to find a host of morally-challenged selections: The Bachelor, Cougar Town, Desperate Housewives, Gray’s Anatomy, and various soap operas are a sampling. But don’t forget movies and game sales either.

Lifestyle and Vices
This category racks up numerous violations, beginning with allowing beer advertisers unfettered access to the airwaves, and it just gets worse from there. ABC doesn’t flinch when it comes to either blatantly or subtly promoting the kind of gay, lesbian, and transsexual lifestyles that those of us who believe in the Bible have no choice but to disown as a Christian investment.

And Walt Disney is simply one company, not even the biggest offender. There are many more out there with far more insidious connections. The first step in deciding whether or not a company is appropriate for your Christian investment dollar is to uncover where all the tentacles lead.

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