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The Bible Reminds Us to “Serve Wholeheartedly”


Perhaps the tendency to be lazy and distracted at work has never been more evident than today. A prime contributor to this lack-of-work ethic is probably the internet but work avoidance tactics have been around since the first man went to work for another man. In case anyone is unclear about whether there is a Biblical directive to Christians towards hard work, check out Ephesians 6 v. 7 & 8, which states the following:

Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men and women, because you know that the Lord will reward everyone for whatever good he does.

We’re pretty sure that the admonition to “serve wholeheartedly” applies to all aspects of life, even work. Do you turn off your Christianity when it suits your purposes? If you do, we don’t want to be in your shoes at the end of time.

All Christians have a duty to give it our best effort every day, no matter how ready we are to get home and vegetate in front of the television. Work’s not always fun. It’s not meant to be. That’s why they call it work, but there is no excuse for allowing laziness, sloth, and poor habits to creep into your day. If you can’t stand what you’re doing, give two weeks’ notice and quit. Find something you can put your energy and concentration into.

At Solomon Success, we think it’s an excellent idea to learn how to generate passive income so that you can flip the balance of power and become independently wealthy; then you’re the one creating jobs and providing work through your industrious approach to life. Don’t tell anyone you heard it from us but a little bird said income property investing done the right way blows the doors off anything Wall Street can offer. Plus, do Christians really want to climb down into that slimy, gooey, incestuous cesspool of thievery and chicanery? Want to bet your nest egg on the next Bernie Madoff or Enron?

We don’t.

The Solomon Success Team

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