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Christian Investors Watch Out For Backsliding

Christian investorsIs God in favor of backsliding Christian investors? After reading Proverbs 14:14 we’re guessing not. He’s not in favor of backsliding at all. In case you need you need a memory refreshment, here’s how it reads:

“The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways: and a good man shall be satisfied from himself.”

Slipping in your dedication to walking with God in any of your undertakings, including investing, is subtle and easy to do, but the consequences are terrible. Here’s something to think about. Does backsliding need to be obvious, like when you quit going to church on Sunday and take up drugs, sex, and violence as part of your daily life? Well, most readers are obviously going to be of the opinion that such choices are destructive on so many levels but it doesn’t have to be that blatant.

What about the godly person still sitting in the front pew every Sunday morning and smiling and shaking hands out the door. But maybe our fearless Christian investor has allowed himself to hate sin just a little bit less than he used to. Maybe it’s tax season and fudging the capital gains on all that Blue Chip stock he sold at a tidy profit doesn’t seem quite so onerous as it did last year.

After all, does the government deserve your hard-earned money?

See what just happened? Your heart just slipped away from God. The idea of cheating has taken root in your skull like a boll weevil. You’re backsliding, buddy, and turning from God is as serious as smoking all the crack in Missouri. In God’s judgment, backsliding isn’t calculated by degree. One step is all it takes. So, to the Christian investor, is altering the reality of your financial situation worth the price you pay in your heart?

We don’t think so and we’re pretty sure King Solomon would back us up on this one.

The Solomon Success Team

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