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Can you save as well as the ants do?

SolomonSuccess.comProverbs 30:25 gives credit to ants for saving when they should. In other words, work hard to harvest in times of plenty so there will be something to eat when times are lean. Ants stay extraordinarily busy during the summer gathering food and packing it away to eat during the spring and fall (winters are for hibernation).

How many humans show this kind of foresight? Maybe it’s not foresight – maybe it’s genetic. Either way, the ants have most of us beat when it comes to the wisdom of saving. How much should you save? If you’re not saving at least 10% of your gross income every month, you’re just playing games.

Do you have a spending problem?

Only a fool spends all his money. Don’t get huffy with us. Take it up with God if that cuts a little close to the bone. If you’re living on credit cards and the “benevolence” of check cashing businesses, you fall into this category. And there’s no need for a complicated financial plan to figure it all out. Make savings a priority. Try this:

1. Pay God first with your tithe

2. Pay yourself second by saving 10%

3. Use the rest for living expenses

See? Not complicated. It’s called a Godly economy and you don’t need a Wall Street financier, fed chairman, or presidential decree to learn how to do it. And guess what that little but steadily growing savings will eventually turn into? Investment capital! At Solomon Success, we have a few ideas about what you should do with it. Here’s a hint: income property.

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