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Biblical Investing in a Human World

As we mention periodically, primarily because it amuses us, God doesn’t give direct stock market tips. Does that mean biblical investing is impossible? Of course not! A careful reading of the Bible tells us all we need to know about the proper approach to earning a return on our money. The amazing thing about this book is that, no matter which new technological permutation the world of man manages to concoct, the principles behind creating wealth in the proper manner remain unassailable.

Proverbs 13:11 “Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labor shall increase.”

This particular proverb (and many others) cuts right to the heart of the matter, and it’s all about attitude. If you find yourself looking to the stock market, or any other kind of investment for that matter, with a “get rich quick” mentality, you’re doing it all wrong. Anyone old enough to remember the “” stocks of the last few years of the 20th century remembers the media in a panting frenzy about all the “once in a lifetime” opportunities.

Too many people threw life savings at these companies, few of which are still around today. A good concept to remember is that “get rich quick” in all its permutations is not biblical investing in any sense. However, keep in mind is that the basic premise of the stock market is not wrong at all. When men and women get together to form a company that is a benefit to humanity in general, but lack the funding to carry out their vision, the means to sell stock in the future present and future success of the company as a means to raise funds is quite legitimate.

The problem comes about when investing in the stock market turns into nothing more than a run at the Las Vegas gambling tables. If you have no idea what moral or ethical principles the company is based on, nothing of how the employees are treated, nothing about the character of the executives, and nothing of the history, there’s a good chance you’re NOT investing by biblical principles, and that’s not a good place to be.

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