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Best Biblical Investing – Real Estate vs. Stock Market

biblical investingWhen it comes to choosing an investment asset – real estate or the stock market – it sometimes seems like an episode of MTV’s Celebrity Death Match with proponents in each corner vociferously extolling the virtues of their hero. At Solomon Success, we don’t need a death match to know which is the best choice for biblical investing.

Real estate wins, hands down.

The primary reason we look to real estate for our biblical investing dollar is that it allows us to exert more direct control over the asset. When you get into the stock market, you’re at the mercy of at least one level of middleman, and sometimes more. Think of it this way. Even if you invest online through a company like E-trade or Scottrade, your order gets routed through the broker and then through the market itself, introducing at least two levels of activity that are out of your control. We’re not accusing any particular entity of nefarious behavior but how often do you see stories of corruption regarding Wall Street?

If you follow the news at all, the answer is a lot.

With real estate, there is no central clearing house for asset trading, thus no temptation for manipulation. Brokers and such can’t manipulate the real estate “market” because there isn’t one. Plus, somehow, dealing with good, solid, trustworthy land beneath our feet feels better, more Godlike if you will, than taking a blind leap of faith that the stock companies we choose to invest in are conducting themselves in a manner that agrees with our biblical investing morals. The only faith leaping we want to do is the one that involves choosing God and staying on his side no matter what.

The Solomon Success Team

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