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Are Virtual Banks Secure?

SS9-20-13Online banking, offered as an extension of the traditional services offered by established brick and mortar institutions, has been around for a while. But now, as the world of e-commerce continues to expand, new virtual banks are appearing, offering all the banking services, security and safety of “regular” banks, but without a physical location. Faced with even more choices about managing money, what’s a prudent investor to do?

The virtual banking process works much like the old online banking services do. Create an account, get passwords, and conduct transactions. Some online banks allow users free access to any ATM in the country for cash, while others issue their own debit cards and offer other services in full competition with traditional banks, providing ways for users to access their money and conduct transactions at any time, any place.

Online banking can sqve money, too. With almost no operating expenses, these banks can pass savings on to customers in the forms of more favorable interest rates and a variety of loan and savings packages. And they may eliminate many of the service fees and account minimums required by traditional banks.

But are online banks safe? Internet security experts say that legitimate online-only banking institutions are generally as safe as the online services of traditional banks. The key is “legitimate, ” and as Jason Hartman advises,  do your homework.   It;s essential to thoroughly investigate the bank before giving it their savings. Be sure that the bank is FDIC insured and has a history of safe transactions.

As with any online transactions, identity theft is a risk in online banking. But accounts can be password protected on multiple levels and the usual rules for making safe online transactions apply — make sure that you can distinguish legitimate email casino online correspondence from the bank from look alikes crafted by scammers and identity thief phishers. And pay close attention to statements and account documents to track down potential identity theft.

Online only banking isn’t for everyone. Some people like the experience of walking into a bank and talking to tellers. Others feel more secure that way. But Internet security experts point out that conducting banking business with solid legitimate online institutions is really no riskier than their brick and mortar counterparts – and you don’t have to worry about getting caught in a bank robbery, either.  (Top image: Flickr/jlevine)

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