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A Bible Podcast Unlike Any Other

Bible podcastWe’re in the studio right now preparing for the release of the first Solomon Success Show podcast, which is destined to be a Bible podcast different from any we’ve ever heard of. The problem, as we see it, with much of the faith-based media out there is that not enough attention goes toward a Biblical approach to investing, finance, business, and other topics related to money. Some preachers, pastors, and church-goers act like money is an evil thing, with discussions regarding it best held at arm’s length if they must be acknowledged at all.

What sort of mental illness is that? Money, wealth, and power permeates the Bible from beginning to end. Ignoring it won’t change that fact. Why not, instead, take a factual look at what God has to say about money and wealth and how the believer should incorporate it into his life? Makes sense to us. And what better way to study the subject than through the words of King Solomon, allegedly the richest man in history and one who found favor with God all those years ago. That’s where we jump off with the Solomon Success Show Bible podcast – by analyzing what Solomon wrote about in the books of Ecclessiastes and Proverbs.

Hard to believe it perhaps, but a world of knowledge about business by the Bible can be found between these critical pages. The Bible podcast found at will be loaded with interviews of leading thinkers and writers on the topic of how exactly a modern citizen of the world should handle his money and investments. At Solomon Success, we’re convinced the financial principles espoused in the Bible will never go out of fashion and that’s what we’re going to discuss on our Bible podcast.

We’re not so much concerned with the THE 10 Commandments that should govern all areas of our life – there are plenty other places to get your scripture on that – but rather with legitimate and intelligent discussion about the verses that should give our lives financial foundation. Faith-based financial education principles are difficult to find outside of the Holy Bible, being entirely absent from school systems and rarely discussed in church settings either.

God didn’t ignore money and wealth. Why should you?

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