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9 Cities Where We’d Buy Income Property Right Now

Got money to invest but aren’t sure where to pull the trigger? The following nine areas around the country make for great income property investing right now!

1. Phoenix, AZ – The capitol and largest city of the state of Arizona, and 5th most populous city in the United States, has survived the bubble collapse and offers great deals for income property shoppers right now.

2. Indianapolis, IN – Low cost of living and higher than average income combine to create a perfect storm for property investors. Moderate land costs make it easy to become a landlord, while the variety of stable employers assure you’ll have stable tenants.

3. Kansas City, MO – This consistently steady housing market is the 13th largest metro market in the United States and is expected to become the 8th strongest rental market over the next five years.

4. St. Robert, MO – Situated directly beside the huge Army training base of Fort Leonard Wood, St. Robert currently offers income property opportunities for as low as $5,000 down.

5. Houston, TX – The fourth largest city in the United States and largest within the state of Texas needs no lengthy introduction. Houston is anchored by a broad economic base that has earned it the nickname “Energy City,” With affordable property and more Fortune 500 companies headquartered there than any city except New York, Houston is perfect for the rental investor.

6. Denver, CO – Denver is a progressive city with the kind of natural beauty that never goes out of fashion. Add to that a decreasing inventory of property and a growing population, and you have the makings of great investing opportunity.

7. San Antonio, TX – San Antonio is the second largest city in the state of Texas, having been the 4th fastest growing large city from 2000-2006 and the 5th fastest growing from 2007-2008. Stable employment and low cost of living make this a gem for income property investors.

8. Orlando, FL – Disney and other theme parks make Orlando a major global tourist destination, and now that the area is starting recover from the bubble-bursting real estate blood bath, a bevy of income properties have come on the market that should be interesting to Platinum Properties Investor Network subscribers.

9. Austin, TX – Not done with Texas yet. The capitol of Austin is yet another desirable Lone Star region. Money magazine recently named it the second most desirable big city to live in.

Jason Hartman and the Solomon Success team wish you great luck in finding your next property. Contact us if you need free, reliable advice.

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