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5 Investing Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

SS9-5-13King Solomon never had a smartphone, but he’d most likely applaud the technology as an efficient way to make prudent financial moves. Though managing investments and financial transactions on mobile devices can be risky, a variety of new apps make it easy to conduct business related to your investments virtually around the clock, anywhere you happen to be.

The Landlord App
For purchase on both the iPhone and Android devices, this app allows landlords to keep track of tenants, rental payments and other expenditures. The app can also provide updates on property values and home prices, and help check backgrounds of prospective tenants through a database.

Free for iPhone and Android, AroundMe tracks properties around a user’s rentals for changing property values, availability for purchase and rent, and much more. Users can also create a customized profile for their own interests and needs.

This free credit-checking app for iPhone allows users to perform credit checks on the spot and track accounts over time. Since it’s free, the app is advertising-heavy, but its simple interface and repaid response make it useful for screening prospective tenants quickly.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android the Bloomberg app offers most of the features of the Bloomberg website. Users can read the latest business updates, listen to the site’s podcasts, and view trending financial and investing news.

WSJ House of the Day
Wall Street Journal’s House of the Day app for iPhone and Android showcases a new home every day, with details on architecture, furnishings and more. Homes on the site range from high-end mansions to newly renovated vintage homes, with plenty of images for inspiration and information.

Mobile apps make managing investments and rental issues easier and faster – but they aren’t without risks. Experts advise treating your mobile device like a computer: password protect it, shop for apps at recognized stores such as Amazon, and use secure connections for transactions. Bur for the investor building wealth in income property as Jason Hartman advises, mobile apps can save time and money.  (Top image: Flickr/denharsh)

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