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5 Everyday Costs You Should Negotiate in 2011

The Solomon Success ShowNegotiation absolutely has its place in the world of Bible believers. Think of it like this. Do you trust the secular world to always look out for your best interest when it comes to arriving at an amenable price to both parties? Please, please, tell us you answered that question with a hearty, “No!” The word ‘negotiation’ has come to take on something of a bad reputation over the years, thanks to corporate lawyers, mafia godfathers, and Mexican street vendors.

The way we look at it, a simple negotiation is the only way to make sure the price is legitimate. Here are six costs most of us encounter throughout the course of our daily lives that should make you stop to consider whether or not you’re getting a square deal.

Credit Card Rates
Credit card rates are the Granddaddy of shafting. If you’re not paying attention, they will head off somewhere towards the orbit of Pluto and never return. If you’re a regular payee who carries a balance, you have leverage. Threaten to transfer it. That gets their attention.

Your mortgage has a range of costs and fees associated with it, many of which can be whittled down. It’s a tough climate out there for lenders right now. If you have a credit score of at least 750, they want your business. Desperately. Get other offers in writing and make the rounds to see who can beat whom.

Home Improvement
Same story. The construction business is wheezing along on life support these days. The first price they offer is not likely to be the best, especially when they’re desperate for business. One survey said half of all contractors would drop their rates by 10% to get a job. Fully one-quarter said they would slice costs by 20% for the job.

Appliances and Electronics
A department store manager is likely going to consider it better to sell something today than possibly sell it tomorrow or not at all, and there’s a good chance his employer has given him room to haggle. Show up a few minutes before closing so he won’t be as concerned about other customers overhearing his capitulation, and asking him for the same deal.

Medical Bills
With medical professionals shifting more of the cost to consumers, you should be aware that, unlike insurance company billing, costs for procedures are not set in stone. If you can offer a cash payment, they’re liable to offer you a nice discount.

Remember that the Bible encourages us to be good stewards of our wealth, which means don’t pay more for goods and services than you have to, especially when a basic level of negotiation will get you a nice discount.

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