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The Typical Corporate Financial Spiel… It is a Load of You Know What

How many of you listen to talk radio? I was in the car listening to the local DJ and something caught my ear. What peaked my attention was the topic; they were talking about dealing with finance, stocks, bonds, the future, etc. I am going to be honest with you, it was an hour of the typical corporate...

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The Bitcoin:  A New Currency for a New Age?

The Bitcoin: A New Currency for a New Age?

King Solomon has much to say about money – the wisdom of saving, the folly of overspending and the importance of dealing justly with the poor. His own transactions with other kingdoms were conducted in silver and gold – and his advice about money and how it’s handled has endured for centuries. But...

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King Solomon's Money Proverbs

King Solomon’s Money Proverbs

As you probably recall from your Sunday school lessons, King Solomon was a very wealthy man, having earned God's favor to such an extent that his wealth accumulated dramatically. Though he spent a good amount of time being a good steward of the wealth the Lord had seen fit to bless him with, he also...

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