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SS 104 - Christ Coin: A Bitcoin for God with Luke Forstmann

SS 104 – Christ Coin: A Bitcoin for God with Luke Forstmann

There seems to be a new cryptocurrency popping up every week, with markets being discovered, and new algorithms occurring all the time. There's a new player in town, however, and it's serving a market that so far has been avoided, and that's Christianity. Jason Hartman talks with Luke Forstmann, co-founder...

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SS 103 - Christianity Attacked in Vegas: A Firsthand Account

SS 103 – Christianity Attacked in Vegas: A Firsthand Account

Sunday night in Las Vegas shook the town and, tragically, saw the loss of life to over 50 and caused injuries to over 400 participants at the Route91 Christian Music Festival. The deranged gunman who fired at them was shooting from the Mandalay Bay hotel, where Jason Hartman happened to be attending...

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SS 102 - How Demographic Shifts Worldwide Impact US Real Estate

SS 102 – How Demographic Shifts Worldwide Impact US Real Estate

Jason talks with Elisabeth Embry, host of the Women Investing Network Podcast, about what's going on in the world of real estate and inflation right now. They discuss some linear, hybrid, and cyclical markets, as well as the influence of foreign investors in the US real estate landscape. Key Takeaways: [1:48]...

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Dr John Dawson, author of Religion in Medicine

SS 101 – Religion in Medicine with Dr John Dawson

Medical schools today no longer bother teaching their students about what different religions believe about health care practices, which is leaving some people of faith out in the cold when they receive care. Dr John Dawson, however, believes that this is something worth knowing, and has laid it out...

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Floyd Abrams

SS 100 – The Soul of the First Amendment with Floyd Abrams

When we think of the First Amendment, we tend to believe that it allows us to say whatever we want, often without any repercussions. But what does it actually protect, and from whom? Floyd Abrams represented The New York Times in the 1971 Pentagon Papers case, and is author of the new book The Soul of...

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SS 99 - Asset Matrix Inflation vs Deflation

SS 99 – Asset Matrix Inflation vs Deflation

In a recent investment seminar, Jason Hartman dove into the topic of investing in income property during an inflationary period. After single-family homes sales rose in January, income property inventory became low. As we head deeper into a Trump administration, Jason points out that the signs of inflation...

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SS 98 - Investors Rising Faith in the Economy with Frances Donald

SS 98 – Investors Rising Faith in the Economy with Frances Donald

Today we meet Frances Donald, Senior Economist at Manulife Asset Management and Chief Economist at John Hancock Financial Services. Frances and Jason Hartman take a look into consumer, investor, and executive sentiment numbers around the housing and job markets. They also investigate what's behind the...

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Robert Dickie III, Crown Financial Ministries

SS 97 – Taking the LEAP and Launching Your Full-Time Career in Our Part-Time Economy

Robert Dickie III is President of Crown Financial Ministries and author of The LEAP, and Love Your Work. Jason Hartman talks with Robert about how people can improve their lot in life without getting trapped under a mountain of debt. Thanks to technology, which is disrupting everything, Robert says it's...

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Greg Baumer, Co-author, God and Money

SS 96 – God and Money, How We Discovered True Riches at Harvard Business School with Greg Baumer

Greg began his career with McKinsey & Company, serving clients in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.  He then worked as an investment professional for the private equity firm Advent International, where he focused on investments in the healthcare sector. ...

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Bruce Wilkinson President & CEO, Teach Every Nation Author, The Freedom Factor: Finding Peace by Forgiving

SS 95 – The Freedom Factor, Finding Peace by Forgiving Others… and Yourself & The Dream Giver, Following Your God Given Destiny with Bruce Wilkinson

International ministry leader and award-winning author Bruce Wilkinson founded TEN as the culmination of four decades of proven global ministry and training ‘best practices’. He has given keynote addresses at major national and international events with stadium audiences of 80,000 or more. Bruce’s...

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