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5 Ways To Be As Wise As Solomon with Jason Hartman and Solomon Success

Jason Hartman Investment Success

Solomon, the richest man in the Bible, has a lot to teach modern day investors. So why is it that modern day Christians don’t use the sound advice that’s printed in the book they read each day?

Jason Hartman, of Platinum Properties Investment Network, asked himself that very same question. As a man of faith, he knew that starting a business needed to start and end with the Lord. As he read and re-read verses involving King Solomon, he knew that the type of advice he should be following was printed right on those pages.
So Jason Hartman, of Platinum Properties Investor Network, launched “Solomon Success” – a site geared towards helping other business-minded Christians utilize the wisdom gleaned from the Bible.

How can you be as wise as Solomon himself? How can you follow God’s wisdom to ensure “your cup runneth over”? Jason Hartman is here to help in five different ways. Follow along as Jason Hartman, of Platinum Properties Investors Network, fills you in on how to earn money and please God while investing for today and for the future.

#1 – Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network Offers Expert Guidance

Jason Hartman created Platinum Properties Investor Network to fill a need he saw people struggle with every day – needing to learn how to get started in investing. There were a number of his friends and colleagues that wanted to start investing but didn’t have the knowledge to dive in and get started. Jason had been investing in real estate for some years at this point and knew that he could

While Jason Hartman is the founder of Platinum Properties Investors Network, that isn’t the only experience he has under his belt. Jason has experience and a lot of it. He’s owned income properties in 11 states and has been a part of thousands of real estate transactions.

With all of this experience, Jason knew he had to reach out to his community and share some of the essential income real estate tips and tricks that he’d learned over the years.

#2 – Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network Brings You the Need-to-Know Info on the Housing Market

How often have you wanted to invest in a specific property or thing, only to back off due to cold feet? Cold feet can almost always be attributed to one thing – lack of knowledge and experience in that field.

Jason Hartman, of Platinum Properties Investor Network, saw it time and time again. Not only would Jason watch people back out of great investments, but he’d see people jump on terrible ones. It often seemed like people weren’t quite sure what made a good investment and what made a bad one.

Jason Hartman, of Platinum Properties Investor Network, knows that he doesn’t know everything about investing. That’s why the Solomon Success podcast exists – to get the need-to-know information about the modern real estate market to the masses. Jason hosts as many guests as possible on the podcast, drawing in experts from all corners of the world. If Jason doesn’t know the answer to a question, one of his many esteemed guests will!

#3 – Jason Hartman  Platinum Properties Investment Network Can Teach You How to Reach New Financial Heights

You know about the Solomon Success podcast. You might even know about the regular blog articles that Jason posts to keep people informed. But Jason didn’t want to stop there – he wants to help as many people get into real estate investing as possible, and the best way to do that is to get directly involved.

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investors Network began offering consultations to fellow investors to help them pick the right properties. He uses what he calls the “Area Agnostic” approach: a strategy that helps investors find the right property for them, without wasting countless hours searching for it themselves.

Jason Hartman started Platinum Properties Investors Network years and years ago and has had a great amount of success. He knows that, with a little elbow grease and the heaping load of help, you, too, can become a fantastic real estate investor.

#4 – Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network Shares Secrets That Both Beginner and Expert Investors Can Use

Solomon Success wouldn’t be around long if it only appealed to beginner real estate investors. In time, we all go from being beginners to experts. Jason Hartman, of Platinum Properties Investors Network, wants to help those who are at any stage of their investing experience.

Solomon Success provides information from the beginner who is just getting their feet wet, to the expert who has already invested in a multitude of properties. The podcasts discuss everything from asset matrix inflation to how to introduce (and keep) faith at the forefront of your financial ventures. These are topics that are and will continue, to be useful to real estate investors of all experience levels and walks of life.

#5 – Learn All About How to Invest, From a Faith-Fueled Perspective

At times, it can be difficult to obey and honor God above all things when money begins to play a big part in your life. The temptations of the secular world creep in and start to take over every aspect of your day. God can quickly become an afterthought when you’re constantly distracted by money matters.

While working on Platinum Properties Investment Network, Jason Hartman began to struggle with these issues as well. He has always been a devout Christian, but when temptations and distractions came knocking, he suffered under them as much as a human would.

It’s because of that that Jason knew his next venture had to put God first, and investing second. Investment advice and information need to have a base in the Lord in order to continue to be sound and successful.

Follow Jason Hartman, of Platinum Properties Investor Network, and Solomon Success to help keep you strong and driven by faith when the going gets rough.