Solomon Success

Solomon Proverbs 1:10 – Enticed by Sinners

Part of the deal in reading and understanding Solomon proverbs is that you have to embrace righteousness as a desirable characteristic. If you can't do that, everything else is simply a waste of time. Righteousness decrees that no matter how enticing a sinner is, no matter how your weak flesh and mind...

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Predictions for 2011 and Beyond

Remember, A Dollar Is Not Always A Dollar

In case you missed the recent "Predictions for 2011 and Beyond" conference call hosted by Jason Hartman and Platinum Properties Investor Network, one of the primary topics covered was the fatal flaw made by many investors who assume a dollar is always a dollar. This basic economic fallacy can kill your...

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Talking With the Stars…Jason’s Marquee Guests on the Creating Wealth Show

In the last few months, Jason has had some big name guests on the Creating Wealth Show. Some of Jason’s recent guests of note are Pat Buchannan, Robert Kiyosaki, and Catherine Austin Fitts. Pat Buchannan is well known in the United States as an outspoken conservative voice in favor of limited government,...

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What’s in a Deal? – Pro Forma Analysis of Platinum’s Hottest Properties

One of the greatest services that Platinum Properties offers (for free) is to deliver Pro-Forma analysis of pre-screened real estate deals. These Pro-Forma summaries are constructed using the Property Tracker software suite, and communicate a wealth of useful information about the deal in question....

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The Solomon Success Show

5 Everyday Costs You Should Negotiate in 2011

Negotiation absolutely has its place in the world of Bible believers. Think of it like this. Do you trust the secular world to always look out for your best interest when it comes to arriving at an amenable price to both parties? Please, please, tell us you answered that question with a hearty, "No!"...

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SS 25 - The Solomon Portfolio with Robert Katz

SS 25 – The Solomon Portfolio with Robert Katz

Jason Hartman talks with Robert (Bob) Katz, author of The Solomon Portfolio. Robert W. Katz has been a partner in a New Orleans-based certified public accounting firm for the last 30 years. His areas of specialty include personal financial planning, tax and estate planning and health care consulting....

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Fiscally Fit: A Check Up for Your Financial Fitness

Fiscally Fit: A check-up for your financial fitness 1. What is the best way to avoid future market bubbles? a. Gold . . . lots and lots of gold b. A survival bunker isolated on 30 acres in the woods, surrounded by barbed wire c. By directly controlling universally needed assets d. By only investing...

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The Madness of Crowds

If you've ever been tempted to follow the crowd when it comes to investing, thus shirking your responsibility to research and understand the asset on your own first, here's a good bit of advice. Don't. Crowds normally haven't a clue about what they're doing and, by the time they're drawn like a moth...

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Inflated Egos: Why the News Media is Dead Wrong About Inflation and the Economy

Recent news cycles have been peppered with reports of looming inflation from economists and business leaders, along with the expected denials and excuses from politicians and their propaganda outlets in the news media. Chief among the distortions being advanced is the notion that inflation cannot persist...

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How Big Government Perpetuates Big Business

In the midst of the recent bailout initiatives and unprecedented expansion of the government bureaucracy, there is a perception by many that the unparalleled expansion of government power is necessary to control “Big Business.” This perception comes from the relentless news stories chronicling the...

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