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Latest Blog Articles

Proverbs 31 16 Female Investors

Proverbs 31:16 Empowers Female Inve ...

The Bible's High View of Women It is a common misconception that the Bible has a low view of women. However, close examination of the Scripture reveals that God has a very high opinion of the female sex. It is true that the Bible identifies role distinctions among women and men, but these distinctions...

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Parable of the 10 Talents

Parable of the 10 Talents and Low R ...

We don't always think of the Bible as an investment guide. However, there is much financial wisdom throughout the pages of the Good Book. We all want our money to grow, and the Bible recommends economic growth through investing. One of the highest sought after wealth-building strategies is low risk high...

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Money in the Bible

10 Myths about Money in the Bible t ...

When it comes to financial literacy, many money myths are circulating around the Internet and crowding up the minds of well-meaning people. Our beliefs about money have a powerful impact on our lives and can lead us to poverty or riches. Often, these money myths arise from a misunderstanding of the...

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Latest Podcast Episodes

SS 132: 5 Ways to Be Happier

SS 132: 5 Ways to Be Happier

Rabbi Evan Moffic is here today to discuss 5 ways you can make yourself happier. Money and happiness are related, but not the same thing. There's also a difference between pleasure and happiness. One is fleeting, the other lasting. The best way to get wealth is to meet other people's needs, but how do...

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SS 131: 4 Reasons to Want to Be Wealthy

SS 131: 4 Reasons to Want to Be Wea ...

In the previous episode Rabbi Evan Moffic explored whether it was a sin to be wealthy. Today, he examines four reasons you, as a believer, should WANT to be wealthy. Remember, money is neither good nor bad, it's what you do with it that truly matters. Website:

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SS 131: 4 Reasons You Want to Be We ...

Rabbi Moffic discusses four reasons that you really want to be wealthy in our society today. It's not for the reasons many people want to be wealthy, it's not about status and buying things to give us status among other people. In fact, the desire for wealth can push us to constantly get better at what...

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